#AskDAP Show Episode 56 |Answering your VW and Audi Questions

August 7, 2016

The AskDAP show is a show we put together with questions that come to us via Email, Twitter or questions we stumble on that we think might be helpful to the VW and Audi community.  We will be putting out these shows regularly and answering questions in video format.  To keep up with the latest episodes or videos we put out, subscribe to the DAP YouTube Channel.  To ask a question for the show send us an email to info@shopdap.com be sure to put #AskDAP in the subject line.

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Questions answered on Episode 56 of the AskDAP Show

00:23 – Q1 – I have an 2007 B6 Passat 2.0t FSI. I have fault codes P1531, P0243 and P0033. I have checked the diverter valve and it seems that I have the current revision. I have also checked the N75 and found I have been unable to find specs on Ohm readings. Can you help?

4:54 – Q2 – I have a DV spacer on my 2.0t engine and after some spirited driving I have a check engine light with fault code P0299 which is turbo charge underboost. Could this be realted to the DV spacer?

7:52 – Q3 – I have a MK7 GTI with a DSG transmission it seems to lunge forward when I let off the gas. Its almost like a clutch dump where its a heavy downshift. Any ideas?

10:28 – Q4 – Im looking to get a Stage 1 Unitronic Tune on my MK7 Golf 1.8t would to clutch hold up to all this added power?
11:48 – Q5 – I have a 2015 Golf with a 1.8t I also have a MK7 GTI performance package that has been in an accident. Is it possible to swap the drive train from one car to the other.


Links talked about in this video

OBDeleven a VAGCOM alternative

2.0t FSI Diverter Valve

2.0t FSI Wastegate Regulator (N75) Valve

2.0t FSI N205 Solenoid Valve

2.0t FSI Camshaft Timing Chain Adjuster

How Diverter Valves Work

How DSG Transmissions Work


About the Host (Paul Barrett)

I have been a VW enthusiast and  professional since 2001.  I have worked in most roles in a VW dealers from Dealer Tech to Parts Manager.  With the AskDAP show we hope that by answering that 1 questions it might help others who dont know where these type of questions can be answered.

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on #AskDAP Show Episode 56 |Answering your VW and Audi Questions.
  1. Robert Lespérance

    Re #askDAP show
    Thank you for your fine work. Your knowledge is impressive and appreciated.
    Question. Re. EA888 2 l engine in my GTI is rated at 220 HP (PP) What changes made by Audi to advertise 256 hp (+/-) this year.
    Isn’t this the same engine ? Is it simply the real HP number in my GTI ?


    Robert L

  2. James

    Hi There, do you guys ship abroad to the United kingdom.Your the only place I have found the oem wheels I need without going to the deelers.

    • Paul Barrett

      We do but the cost do ship wheels would likely not offset any available discount.

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