DAP Local VW and Audi GTG (Get Together) Pictures

September 6, 2015

 Looking for a group who loves performance, modification and the German engineering of VW and Audis?  

This is a chance to meet, hang out and shoot the breeze with VW and Audi guys and gals just like you.  Deutsche Auto Parts (DAP) is hosting a get together at our location in Cornelius NC.  Come hang out with all the VW and Audi enthusiast to talk about what we all love to talk about….Cars!!!


Take a look below for a few shots of some of the VW and Audi enthusiasts that came out to the GTG at DAP.  


What?: Come to our location hang out, meet VW and Audi enthusiast

Drive the race sim to win prizes

Grab some food and drinks

Have fun

Where?: Just North of Charlotte NC

Deutsche Auto Parts

18525 Statesville Rd, Suite D4

Cornelius, NC, 28031

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