Part 12 (Black Emblems) of the DAP MK7 GTI Build

January 24, 2016

Every car enthusiast wants to take the car they love so much and make it their own.  No one who in interested in modifying their  MK7 GTI, Golf or Golf R want theirs to look like ever other one on the road.  Adding Black VW emblems is a subtle and and inexpensive way to change the appearance on your MK7 Model.


This mod is something that can be done by most people looking to install them.  Take a look below for videos that show you how to install the front and rear emblem on our MK7 GTI.


Black MK7 Front  Emblem

MK7 Black Front Emblem


Black MK7 Rear Emblem

MK7 Black Rear Emblem


How to install the Black Front MK7 VW emblem


How to install the Black Rear MK7 VW emblem

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on Part 12 (Black Emblems) of the DAP MK7 GTI Build.
  1. Louis

    Great site with good information and products, also your how to videos are very helpful and offer very good information for the “do it your self” person. Very much appreciate your time and effort.

    • Paul Barrett

      Thanks we work very hard to support the VW community. Give us a shout next time you need parts we are helpful with them too ; )

  2. |

    Out of curiosity, would you know where to find other color VW emblems?

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