Part 2 (License Plate Lights) of the DAP MK7 GTI Build

November 24, 2015

The MK7 GTI like many of the previous generations uses standard halogen bulbs.  They tend to be yellowish in color and not nearly as bright as their LED counterparts.  The complication in this modification is that most current model vehicles use bulb monitoring.  So unless add resistors to an LED light you will be left with a bulb error light on the dash.  This leaves you with 2 options.  1 get LEDs that either include (like ours) or have built in resistors which are properly calibrated for the car, or 2 install LEDs without resistors and code out the error light.  This can be done with VagCom and essentially what you would be doing is telling the vehicle to no longer monitor that bulb.  We don’t have more info about that coding but it should be available on one of the forums.


These  are the lights and harness we installed on our car.  We no longer advise these for the MK7 platform as there have been some inconstancy in the effectiveness of the no error harness.  VW seems to have some MK7 Golf/ GTI models that the  no error harness do not work on.  Since we are unable to identify which models the will certainly not work on we can no longer guarantee fitment.  We wanted to leave this info here for transparency as to why the application has changed.  PS the no error harness work great on our car.

led license lights


The lights can be used and you can use VagCom to remove the no error harness.

led license lights-



We put together this Photoshop showing a side by side comparison of the Stock halogen licence plate lights (Right) and the OEM LED License plate lights (Left)

mk7 gti Before after LEDs-


Here is a Post Install Picture of our MK7 GTI with the OEM LED License Plate Lights

MK7 GTI LED Licence Plate Lights AfterA



Here is our YouTube video Showing the install of these LED License Plate Lights

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on Part 2 (License Plate Lights) of the DAP MK7 GTI Build.
  1. Michael Pastor

    I am looking for License plate LEDs, if possible ones that you can pop right in without requiring coding. Are there any that you can recommend or possibly sell on your website. Thanks again.


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