Part 4 (Euro Switch) of the DAP MK7 GTI Build

November 25, 2015

Installing a Euro Switch has been a popular mod for VW owners for years now.  Most commonly the euro switch is installed for 2 different reasons.  The first is to be able to run your parking lights and fog lights at the same time, the second is to have a rear fog light position.  Rear fog lights require installing a European Inner tail light which has the rear fog light option.  This is used in other parts of the world to make the vehicle more visible during low light or foggy conditions.  Coding may be required to activate function for the euro switch.


MK7 GTI Euro Switch – If your vehicle doesn’t have the Auto lighting (if not sure look at your switch and see if it says Auto to know for sure)

MK7 GTI Euri Switch

MK7 GTI Euro Switch for Auto – If your vehicle does have the Auto lighting

MK7 GTI Euro Switch with Auto


Here is our video that shows you how to install a Euro Switch on a MK7 (this generally applies to most VW models)



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on Part 4 (Euro Switch) of the DAP MK7 GTI Build.
  1. Willem va de Wouw

    Hello Paul, regarding adding a rear fog light coding is required means that you have to program the computer in the car to do this??
    I have a Tiguan and will add a rear fog light (separate from the taillight unit, next to the license plate) with separate wiring to the euro switch).
    This there we would like take out US Tiguan back to Europe in a couple years and you need a “E” certified fog light unit added to the US car mandatorie in order to pass inspections.
    Thanks, Willem, Orlando FL.

    • Paul Barrett

      Im sorry but we cant offer much info on adding a rear fog to the Tiguan as we have not done this before.

  2. Geoffrey

    Hello, I have a 2015 GTI base “S” model without the auto headlight option. Will this switch allow me to run the LED fog lights with the parking lights? Currently I can only run the fog lights with the headlights on. I would like to run the fog lights with just the parking lights on. Is coding also required or will simply installing this switch allow me to have this feature? Thanks

    • Paul Barrett

      Yes this will allow you to run the fog lights and parking lights. As far as functionality it varies by model. Coding may be required to get the desired result.

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