Part 6 (Intake) of the DAP MK7 GTI Build

December 3, 2015

Next up on our list of modifications is an intake.  Almost every part of a normal passenger car is design for a balance between performance and comfort.  An intake is no exception, the factory airbox and filter is often a little more restrictive and has sound baffling inside of this to prevent additional engine noise.  Installing an intake will allow the engine to breath a little better give you a little more power, and generally slightly better gas mileage (when you don’t drive it like you stole it).

Why did we choose this intake?

At the time of our install there were not a ton of options out there.  We were planning to go with VWR (Racingline) as they make quality products.  Had there been other options we would have gone with the R600 intake for the super clean look that it offers.  At that time they were not yet available for vehicles with secondary air so we went with the cup version.  The main benefit of the R600 over the cup version is that it is a closed air box that mounts to the radiator support.  The closed box mounted to the rad support gives you the ram air effect as speed, and it is also effective at keeping engine heat  away from your intake track.


VW MK7 GTI Intake Options

VWR Intake System for MK7 GTI and Golf R

VWR MK7 Cup Intake

VWR R600 Intake System for MK7 GTI and Golf

VWR MK7 R600 Intake

AEM Cold Air Intake System for MK7 GTI

product intake aem


How an intake sounds after install on a MK7 GTI


How to install an intake on a MK7 GTI



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on Part 6 (Intake) of the DAP MK7 GTI Build.
  1. Victor

    Sweet! How do I get the amplified turbo blow off noise? Sorry if that’s a silly question-new to the mod scene!

    • Paul Barrett

      An intake will help give you more sound as it removed the sound dampening in the stock one.

  2. Chris

    Hey, first all wanted to give a huge thanks for all
    The hard you are going for the GTi community. Great info for the younger guys just getting into the scene.

    Quick question about the intake options.

    Was the carbon fiber intake offered by APR not an
    Option at this time ? What are you thoughts on it as a viable option ?

    • Paul Barrett

      It was but we are not an APR dealer. There are tons of great intakes to choose from. We really like VWR’s intakes.

  3. Clayton

    Is the AEM intake you have listed for sale compatible with secondary air injected vehicles? If not is it possible to just put a sai pump filter on and run in that fashion?

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