MK7 GTI and Golf R Front Mount Intercoolers

October 29, 2015

The intercooler is an important part of the turbo system on your MK7 model.  The intercooler makes sure your GTI or Golf R is not robbed of power due to heat soak.  If you are new to turbocharged vehicles or just want a better explanation of how intercoolers work take a look at this video for more info on the subject.


Intercoolers 101 

In this video we answer

How does an intercooler work?

What is heat soak?

Should I upgrade my intercooler?

Bar and Plate Intercoolers vs Tube and Fin


Genuine VW/ Audi MK7 Golf R or Audi S3 Intercooler – Often used to upgrade GTI and Golf Models

MK7 Golf Audi S3 Intercooler

Revo Intercooler for MK7 GTI/ Golf R and 8V Audi A3/ S3 Models

Revo Front Mount Intercooler MQB

Unitronic Intercooler for MK7 GTI/ Golf R and 8V Audi A3/ S3 Models

Unitronic MQB Intercooler


Installing a new intercooler on your MK7 can be a pretty big job.  The front bumper, front crash bar, condenser and radiator support must be removed to make this happen.  We made a DIY (video below) which is a step by step on how to remove the intercooler on a MK7 GTI.  Please note while this video was done on a GTI we suspect the Golf R and Golf both have an almost identical process to remove and replace the intercooler.


Here we have a DIY of the intercooler install of a Revo Intercooler on our MK7 GTI

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  1. […] The factory intercooler can often become heat soaked.  Heat soaked defined by Garrett is “When the intercooler can’t dissipate the heat that it absorbs from the turbo fast enough. When an intercooler can’t cool the charge air by removing the heat from it, it loses its effectiveness. This explains why turbo cars tend to run slower or have slightly less power when the weather is warm.”  The way to solve this is to upgrade your intercooler to a thicker and or more efficient intercooler.  This allows the engine to get cooler air, which is more dense and helps make more power.  Check out this article where we have more detail about VW MK7 Intercoolers. […]

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