Looking to Tune your MK7 GTI?

March 21, 2016

Tuning your MK7 GTI is most often one of the first mods you would do to your vehicle.  This is generally the first modification because software tunes are by far the biggest bang for you buck when it comes to getting more power out of your MK7 GTI.  With the Uniconnect+ cable you have the ability to flash your MK7 GTI in the comfort of your garage.  No need to pay labor fees to have someone flash your vehicle, and have the ability to flash the car back to stock before you take it to the dealer for service.


Tune your MK7 GTI from Home with this Uniconnect+ Cable DIY Video



This Uniconnect Cable will allow you to install a Tune on your MK7 at home.  

Uniconnect Cable for MK7 and Audi 8V

Just Add the Tune you Want to your Order

Once your order has been placed we will need the VIN number of the vehicle you will be flashing so we can allocate the tune to your vehicle.  Once you receive the cable you can load the Unitronic software onto your vehicle.

ECU Tunes

DSG Tunes

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MK7 Uniconnect FAQ


What do I need to flash my MK7 GTI?

The only items required would be the Uniconnect+ Cable, a laptop that meets the minimum requirements (found HERE), and a battery charger to keep the battery voltage above the minimum requirements during flashing.


What does a DSG Tune do?

Tuning the DSG trans on your car is another great option.  The Unitronic DSG tune will improve shift speeds by 50%.  If your stock DSG shift time is 120ms a DSG tune will cut it to 60ms.  The DSG tune also changes your driving modes to be more purpose built.  The “Drive” mode on the car is considered an Eco Mode meant for daily driving.  While the “Sport” mode removes the OEM settings to hold to redline and shifts at peak power.  Holding the vehicle past its peak power does not promote optimum acceleration.


Why Unitronic Over the other Tuners?

If you are looking to flash your MK7 GTI on your own there are a limited number of options you have.  Of those options Unitronic is the most established and reliable brands.  This means they do a ton of testing and tuning to ensure your vehicle not only makes great power, but its driveable too.  You will also have the support you need to take care of any trouble you might encounter during this process.  The last thing you need is to go with a tuner who you cant even get on the phone.


Why Flash My Own Car?

Flashing your own vehicle means you don’t have to drive long distances, sit around in waiting areas or pay labor for someone to flash your vehicle.  This doesnt even take into account all the additional features you get from the Uniconnect+ cable.


What else can the Uniconnect+ Cable Do?
MK7 GTi Uniconnect+
The cable has a ton of great features.  Aside from being able to install your MK7 GTI tune, you can also Data log to help you track down issues, scan and erase ECU faults, Flash your vehicle back to stock, and adjust advanced settings including no lift shifting and launch control.


Do you need an internet connection to Tune with the Uniconnect+?

Yes, a stable Internet Connection is required, as a connection to Unitronic’s servers is necessary to use UniConnect+.  UniConnect+ is not just “map switching”.  UniConnect+ empowers end users with the freedom to actually reflash their ECU memory.


Can I switch with the Engine Running?

On a standard production ECU, erasing the ECU memory, and re-writing it with new data is not possible while the engine is in operation.


Does Unitronic offer a MK7 GTI E85 Tune?

Not at this time.  E85 requires additional fueling which exceeds the ability of the factory fuel system.   E85 Tunes also requires calibration adjustments based on actual Ethanol content from fill-up to fill-up which makes E85 tunes very tricky.


Am I limited to which tune I can install on my car?

No you are not.  You can purchase and install Stage 1 (for 91 octane), Stage 1+ (93 octane), Stage 2 (w/ downpipe) and Stage 2+ (IS38 turbo)


Will the dealer know that I have a tune?

If anyone at the dealer test drives a tuned MK7 GTI, they will certainly know that it has performance software.  In regards to the dealer being able to detect the tune it is unclear at this time.  There is a flagging system called TD1 which will make a note if it detects if a vehicle has been tuned.  As far as we know the flash counter is not used to determine if it has been tuned at this time.  We do recommend flashing your MK7 GTI back to stock with your Uniconnect+ cable before bringing your vehicle to the Dealer.


Will they know if I flash it back to stock?

At this time we are not aware of any Untronic flashed vehicle that was put back to stock, which was TD1 flagged when it went in for service.




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on Looking to Tune your MK7 GTI?.
  1. Enrique G. Ortiz

    Quick question: I noticed on the Unitronic website they have a DSG upgrade to go along with the ECU upgrade. If understood correctly, it is not a must but recommended to get better shifting performance. If you don’t get this, will the car adjust itself to the added performance?

    • Paul Barrett

      Yes you can tune your DSG as well but it is not required when upgrading the ecu software. Everything should work great either way. The DSG tune is to maximize the transmission shifting and behavior.

  2. Victor Arimas

    Paul, my garage does not have WiFi so I will need to tether the internet connection from my phone (LTE). Do you know the file size of a tune? Also, does the file get downloaded and cached locally first before the flashing/writing takes place?

    • Paul Barrett

      File size depends on the ECU you are flashing also file size is not indicative of all the data that is streamed over the internet connection either.

  3. Michael Chang

    If I buy the stage 2 tune (w/ downpipe) do I necessarily need the downpipe for the tune to work? I intend on eventually buying the downpipe but at this point in time i’m just looking for the tune. No point in buying a stage 1+ tune if later down the track I’m going to upgrade the downpipe…

    • Paul Barrett

      Yes you should do stage 1+ if you’re looking to wait on the downpipe. The stage 2 is required as per the software tuners for the Stage 2 software.

  4. Reed Nicholson

    So, the Stage 1+ Tune is the only one that requires greater than 91 octane? I have a performance downpipe already, so I’d like to get Stage 2, but I can’t get anything greater than 92 octane in my area. Just want to be sure that would work. Thanks.

  5. John

    If I purchase Stage 2 and flash myself, will I also have access to Stage 1 tune?

  6. Dave

    Paul, I have a 2016 GTI arriving next month. Previously your Unitronic info said it wasn’t compatible yet with 16 model year cars. Has this changed now?

    • Paul Barrett

      Yes 16 model software is now available

  7. Yasteel

    I want to tune my car and a few buddies of mine also … Our octane is 95 … So will the same files work or is there another file …. For our specified octane …

    • Paul Barrett

      93 octane tunes should would fine with 95. You might want to check your local area bc tuners might make 95 specific tunes.

      I assume you’re not in the US?

  8. Nick

    Hey Paul,

    I have turbo back exhaust, so is there anyway I could purchase uniconnect and stage 2 without the getting their (Unitronic) downpipe?

    • Paul Barrett

      We dont sell them together. Just click the link that says stage 2 and that is the software alone.

  9. |

    Thanks for all the great info Paul! You’re very concise, and you explain things very thoroughly! Thanks!!

    Two questions about Unitronic tuning.
    1) If by chance, I lost my internet connection during the flash, what would happen? Any chance I’d get stuck with a “dead” Mk7? Just wondering if there are any provisions for that situation built into the software (like auto-revert to stock tune, etc.)… 2) I’m in a state that maxes out at 92 octane (like plenty others, it seems). What’s the long shot chance of a “Stage 1.25” type of tune being developed? I know I’m reaching, but seeing the considerable difference between the 2 octane (91 vs 93) numbers, why not try and take advantage of that extra octane point for millions of us who aren’t fortunate enough to get 93? Thanks DAP!!! PC

    • Paul Barrett

      THanks for the feedback.
      1. If your flash interrupts your car wont run and you will need to get help from Unitronic to recover it.

  10. Pablo

    Hello. Can I do the ecu upgrade in a completly stock mk7?

  11. |

    so i have stage 1+ on my gti and it has 320 hp with stage 2 how hp dose it go ?

  12. a.wahab

    I have a 2014 mk7 gti with stage 1+ unitronic..i have a downpipe installed and looking forward into upgrading to stage 2…my only concern is will the dsg handle the increase in power amd torque…some people say that a dsg flash is required when u go stage 2 but thats not what the website says…just want to mske sure that if i go stage 2 without dsg flash will it harm the gear for the short or long run..

    • Paul Barrett

      The DSG flash is not required but it is recommended. The DSG tune us not a must as per Unitronic.

      • thank u for your reply

        Thank u very much paul…so if i upgrade my ecu tune to stage 2 i dont HAVE to flash my dsg?and will it handle the extra torque without flashing it? I mean whats the maximum torque the dsg can handle? And also if i upgrade to stage 2 without dsg tune since its not required to flash my dsg does it mean that the extra increase in power wont effect the gear on the long run? Thabk u very much for ur reply i really appreciate it

  13. antoine duchesne

    MK7 GTI 2015 stage 2 unitronic will work with 91 octane? because a dont have other gas in my area. I just want make sure everything will be fine? are stage 2 really need 93 octane for run the tune?

    • Paul Barrett

      Yes the stage 2 software works on 91 and 93 octane

  14. Rahul

    I live in Dubai, here only 93 and 98 octane are avaliable for fueling, my daily fuel for my stock mk6 gti is 98 octane, will unitronic performance chip support 98 octane or what are my other performance chip options for 98 octane fuel?

    • Paul Barrett

      Higher octane is never a bad thing.

  15. Todd

    Silly question. How do I turn the car off and on with push button starting. I think it’s either on or off. Be gentle!

    • Paul Barrett

      if you tap the button you can turn it to the on position.

  16. Scott

    How is gas mileage mpg affected when tuning my 2016 GTI? Thanks

  17. Randall

    Hey there,

    Do I need windows OS to install the software? Or can I use macOS? Thanks!

  18. Drew


    Are their any tunes for my 2015 Mk VII TSI Sportswagen?


  19. Manuel

    If I buy stage 2 i will have access to stage1+ to?

    • Paul Barrett

      yes you would have stage 1, 1+ and 2

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