OBD Eleven Installation Instructions

July 26, 2016

Paul Barrett


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on OBD Eleven Installation Instructions.
  1. Nathan Queen

    I’m having problems with connecting to the deivce through my android phone. I have a samsung galaxy s3. I get an error saying unable to connect to device or or unable to communicate with device. I’m not sure what’s going on. Maybe you might know?

  2. George P

    I too am having issues connecting to the device using Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0
    Red light is on when dongle inserted, ignition on but car not running. Bluetooth paired, enter 1234, then like donuts in the parking lot, around and round and round it goes and nothing is achieved.

  3. Cheyenne

    I purchased the OBDeleven Pro and I have been trying to get the Pro version activated. However, everytime I go to enter the Activation Code I get an error message saying that the code is already linked to a different account. But I have not connected it to any acct. yet

    • Paul Barrett

      Please shoot us your info via email and we should be able to help

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