Our MK7 on 19 inch Savannahs

September 11, 2015

After lots of questions about the fitment of these wheels due to the low offset and wide wheels we decided to ask a local friend of ours to stop by with his set to let us test fit.  First of all big shout out to Brian for letting us test his wheels, we really appreciate it.  This MK7 GTI is on Bilstein Coilovers and the Savannah wheels are bolted on with no spacers.  While the stance is slightly aggressive, We thought that the fitment was Awesome.  What do you think?


19 inch VW Savannah Wheel Spec

Diameter: 19 in
Width: 9 in
Offset: ET 33
Hub Bore 57.1mm
Bolt pattern: 5 x 112
Weight 31lbs ea
Tires in photos below 225/35/19

Just in case your wondering – How Wheel Offset Works


These OEM 19 inch VW Savannah Wheels are currently available for $596 per set of 4 (Normal Price $1386)

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Here is our MK7 GTI on the 19 x 9 Savannah Wheels


MK7 Savannah





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on Our MK7 on 19 inch Savannahs.
  1. Tom Ford

    Can you do those wheels in 17″ for a 2013 Passat?? I like the wheels but don’t want to give up the ride. I had 18″ on it for a while but the low profile tires don’t give you the quite ride..

    • Paul Barrett

      Im sorry we dont have any 17’s available at that price.

  2. Alejandro Pronualter

    I want to make sure if fit in a W8 4 motion passat 2003

    • Paul Barrett

      They will bolt on but you might want to take a look at the link above about offset as the fitment could be aggressive on these.

  3. Carlos

    I also have a mk7 gti and i am lowered on vwr springs would these wheels cause any issue with springs as opposed to coil overs also would there be any need for modification to fit these wheels fender rolls or wheel stretch? Thanks a lot

    • Paul Barrett

      The should fit the same as the pictures above.

  4. |

    The wheels, fitment and stance look good but… at 31 lbs each, Ouch!

  5. alex

    can you still provide these wheels for $596 ?

  6. Paul Wiest

    Hey Paul,
    are the Bilstein Coils in this set up the same ones you have for sale on your website?

  7. Joji Dizon

    Is there a difference in ride quality between 19X9 and 19X 8/12? I know both will be a still ride but is there a noticeable difference between the two?

  8. Edwin neville

    Im gonna be getting a mk7 gti just like the one on this page but will be bagged. Do you think these wheels will tuck into the fenders laid out ? If not can they be machined to get them to not stick out ? Are there any replica available? Thanks. Love what you do.

  9. Andrew

    Do you get any rubbing during hard cornering? I like these wheels and setup but I am planning on auto crossing and open tracking this car so I want to make sure it’s not too aggressive for my needs. Thanks

    • Paul Barrett

      This would depend on the suspension

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