Top 5 MK7 Power Mods

December 30, 2016

With the MK7 being such a incredibly tuneable platform we decided to put together this easy quick reference guide to show you a few of our most popular power adding modifications for your VW MK7.

Check out some of the options we have available for our list of the top 5 power mods for your MK7 GTI.  Most of the parts listed below are also applicable to the Golf R and 1.8t MK7 models.  Happy Modding!



#5 – Air Intakes


#4 – Intercoolers


#3 – IS38 Golf R Turbo


#2 – High Performance Downpipe


#1 – Performance Tuning Software


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on Top 5 MK7 Power Mods.
  1. Vince Krizan

    Paul, I appreciate your passion for the VW models, and your helpful videos.As soon as the warranty runs out on my 2016 Golf R, I’ll be buying loads of fun upgrades from you. Keep up the good work buddy!

    • Paul Barrett

      Thanks for the feedback and for considering us for your purchases

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