2.0T FSI Diverter Valve (DV) Failure (P2099)

April 22, 2015

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VW | Audi 2.0t FSI Diverter Valve (DV) HERE

Diverter Valve for 2.0t


Diverter Valve (DV) on FSI

They diverter valve or turbo recirculation valve is a crucial part of the turbo system.  Its job is to relieve boost in between shifts or when you let of the gas.  This part most commonly fails due to tearing of the diaphragm.  The original version of this VW and Audi DV used a rubber diaphragm over time this would tear causing a turbo boost leak.  There later was a revision to this part changing from a diaphragm style to a composite piston.  The piston style DV (often called Rev D) has no part to tear making this a better more reliable part.  This part is often referred to as the Rev D valve as when the VW/Audi part number was revised, the new number had a D at the end.


If your DV has gone bad you may experience loss of power, or possibly a fault codes like P0299 (Boost Pressure Regulation: Control Range Not Reached) and P0033 (Turbocharger Bypass Valve Control Circuit: Malfunction / Open Circuit).  If you have this fault you should inspect your DV to see if you have the old diaphragm style and if it’s torn.

The DV on the 2.0T FSI engine is located at the bottom of the turbo and must be accessed from below.  You can see the part from under the vehicle looking up and the back of the engine.  It will have 3 allen bolts mounting it to the turbo.   Take a look here for a DIY on How to Replace your 2.0T TSI Diverter Valve

2.0T Diverter Valve Location


Make sure you have the latest version of this part to be sure that your turbo is providing the boost you need.  The older versions are less reliable which can result in a future issue.  The Diverter valve listed HERE is the same as the most updated OEM VW or Audi version without the logos.

dv article-


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on 2.0T FSI Diverter Valve (DV) Failure (P2099).
  1. Karoolsie

    hallo i have a question i have a golf ed 35 and i have the upgrade dv but it only lasts like 2to3 months the it feels like the car is loosing power but as soon as as i put n new dv the car is fine. What can the problem be?

  2. thomas

    I have got golf 5 GTI fsi engine, recently i have experienced whistling in the engine while idline and when i take out the depistic oil level the whistle goes off then. What do you think is the problem? Please i need your reply very soon! Thanks

  3. cedric

    Ok I have a audi a5 2.0, my problem is when ever I drive it it starts off really really slow, and I have to press all the way down to the floor on my accelerator until it pick up speed, now I changed the spark plugs and coil packs, and it’s still doing the same thing, oh and it take a while to start my car as well. Do any one know the problem my car is having?

    • Paul Barrett

      Could be a boost leak. You should check the diverter valve and if there are any fault codes

  4. Robert

    I have a Audi A4 2007, I got code P0299 (boost lost) I changed the DV but I still have the same problem. The problem only apear when the engine is hot and very hot outside. I noticed last week when I past a car, I down shifted 2 gear and a lot of smoke was coming out but not like oil consumption smoke. my oil is not white and not loosing antifreeze liquid. when the outside temp is around 20°C the turbo boost is ok.

    • Paul Barrett

      Not going to be a simple solution you should bring your vehicle to an Audi specialist to diag.

    • Hello robert, i got the same problem, do you know what was the solution for that problem in you car. I hope

      I got the same problem.

  5. Callum

    If the pcv is broken would it make a whistling noise because I’m having a boost leak problem but its not whistling.When I put my foot down sometimes the car gos sometimes it doesn’t when it doesn’t go I dont hear the dump valve wush. But I hear a different kind of suction nois I have a cone intake I know the sound its different .when it dus go I can hear the d.v wosh.dus this mean it’s the d.v?? Hope you can help me. Thanks for all the YouTube video they really help

    • Paul Barrett

      You should check your diverter valve to start

  6. chervonne

    I’m picking up a n249 mechanical malfunction can u tell me wat da n249 is thanks


    Hi I have an a3 2.0lt there was a sudden loss of power and it didn’t boost at all. After switching off and starting again it was fine. A while later the power was gone again. Could it be a diverter valve that needs changing? Thanks

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