2.0T FSI PCV Valve Failure (How it sounds and more)

April 29, 2015

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The PCV valve or Positive Crankcase Ventilation valve is an important part in the FSI engine, which is prone to failure.  When this part fails you may experience a variety of issues.  The vehicle may have a loud whistle noise coming from under the hood, or possibly running rough due to a large vacuum leak. This may even lead to a loss of power coming from a bad check valve in the PCV, causing boost from the turbo to leak past the PCV.  If you take a look at the video we have linked below there is a clip with a 2.0t FSI engine running with a bad PCV valve.  Please note that while that one is obnoxiously loud and obvious yours may not fail like this.  If you are trying to track down a vacuum or boost leak that you cant find, a new PCV valve is a great option.



There are 2…. How do I know which one I need?

This part has been updated many times and it is imperative you get the most updated correct part for your car.  To further complicate this VW and Audi has a couple of different PCV valves on this engine which were not interchangeable.  If you put the wrong PCV valve on your FSI it will likely run very poor or not at all.  To determine which PCV valve you need it is best to get the original part number from the one in your vehicle.  This will allow us to get you the correct and most current version of this part.  The part number can be found on the bottom of the PCV valve shown in the picture above.


2.0T FSI PCV Valve 06F-129-101-P – Old Versions 06F-129-101-E, 06F-129-101-G

Prexa VW/Audi 2.0t FSI PCV for 06F129101P

2.0t FSI Prexa PCV Valve for 06F129101P

OEM VW/Audi 2.0t FSI PCV for 06F129101P

2.0t FSI oem PCV Valve for 06F129101P



2.0T FSI PCV Valve 06F-129-101-R

Old Versions 06F-129-101-N, 06F-129-101-L, 06F-129-101-K, 06F-129-101-F, 06F-129-101-C

Prexa VW/Audi 2.0t FSI PCV for 06F129101R

2.0t FSI Prexa PCV Valve for 06F129101R

OEM VW/Audi 2.0t FSI PCV for 06F129101R

2.0t FSI OEM PCV Valve for 06F129101R


 Here is what a PCV Valve can sound like when it goes bad on a 2.0T FSI engine

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on 2.0T FSI PCV Valve Failure (How it sounds and more).
  1. Derik Caskey

    Thanks a lot guys this was really helpful.

  2. Todd

    A couple of months ago I got a check engine error indicating a problem with the PCV valve. Audi had sent me an extended warranty notification for this part so I took the car (and the letter) into the dealer to have it fixed. A short time later I got a phone call saying that the PCV valve was fine but the Oil Separator was bad and that the bill would be $700. After some research I found that the Oil Separator was part of the PCV assembly so I called them back and they fixed it for free. Question: based on your experience, was this a simple mistake or was the dealer trying to burn me?

    • Paul Barrett

      Todd thanks for reaching out but its really impossible to know the intent of the person you spoke with. It could have been either. Sorry I dont have a better answer.

  3. Ivan

    my engine is BWA and I have the PCV valve with this code: 06F129101C: and due to make sure that I will not have problem in the future with it I’m looking for the last edition (not-breakable…) version: is it correct the version with final code “R”? I don’t know also if I must change also others pipes ‘case it seems (as I read on internet, but itsn’t clear…) that it has been add also another valved inside of one of them.

    Thank you,

    • Paul Barrett

      Im sorry this question is not clear to me. You should contact your local supplier to make sure you get the correct parts for your vehicle. We do not ship to Italy.

  4. Ivan

    my message of yesterday hasn’t been published: can you tell me why?

    • Paul Barrett

      All comments must be approved due to the excessive spam we get.

  5. Conan

    I’m curious as to what you believe the vacuum pressure should be on a 2006 GTI with the FSI engine that is running a GIAC tune and some bolt one like a Miltech exhaust, downpipe, s3 intercooler, and I think that’s about it. I know I need coil packs but that shouldn’t affect vacuum pressure. The car boosts well and holds at 17psi but vacuum is just 11psi. I’ve seen anything from “11 is normal” to “20 is correct vacuum pressure” any help here would much appreciated. I love the site I can’t believe I’ve had the car for so many years and I’m just now finding this site.
    Thanks in advance

  6. Raymond

    I have a whistling sound coming from my Tfsi turbo engine but cannot locate exactly where its coming from.IT COMES WHEN i ACCELERATE. What can be the problem. I have checked all the Turbo pipes and they are fine.

    • Paul Barrett

      If youre not sure you should seek help from a VW specialist as you have to identify where a noise is coming from

  7. Bruce

    Will a faulty PCV Valve cause a check engine light? What possible codes might it bring up?

    • Paul Barrett

      Can often result in system too lean faults.

    • Bruce

      Thank You, I performed a smoke test and in fact it is leaking considerably around the PCV valve at the diaphram housing.
      I removed the PVC valve to check part # and this is what I came up with: 06F 129 101
      This does not match with any of your options.
      Vehicle is: 2007 VW Eos with 2.0TFSI engine.

      Can you tell me which new part I should order?

      Thank You,

  8. Martin

    Where is the PCV Valve on the 2,0 FSI 110kW

  9. Riaan

    Hi there. I’m havi g troubles with my audi 2.0tfsi.
    I changed the hpfp, petrol filter and the pump in the tank. I keep on getting fuel starfashion. Please I need good advice… HELP

    • Paul Barrett

      Sounds like you should have a professional look at the vehicle.

  10. leo

    the sound goes away when you remove de dip stick?

    • Paul Barrett

      Not likely but it would probably change

  11. Shawn Michael Fuhrman

    I have oil in the number two spark plug chamber, could this be a PCV issue, or probably just the valve cover gasket? I’m not looking for you to say for sure, just if that is an issue that can happen with the PCV.

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