2.0t FSI VW and Audi Fuel Pump Control Module

September 23, 2015

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The Fuel Pump control module on 2.0t FSI engines is found under the back seat of most VW and Audi models.  The Electric Pump Module is mounted inline and plugs in between the vehicles wire harness and the in tank electrical fuel pump.  These pump modules are fairly common to fail, take a look below to find out more details about how determine if your fuel pump module could be bad.

The fuel pump module serves as a power supply to the electric in-tank low pressure fuel pump and can give you plenty of trouble when it goes bad.


Where can I get this OEM Fuel Pump Control Module?

OEM VW and Audi Fuel Pump Control Module 1T0906093G

2.0t FSI Fuel Pump Control Module

What problems can you expect?

When these pump modules go bad it is usually from overheating.  What you would usually have happen is your 2.0t FSI engine would likely stall and not turn back on until the vehicle sits for some time.  This is even more common during hot days that apply even more heat to the fuel pump module.  You also might have any other fault code related to the fuel system, which can often be codes like low fuel rail pressure.


How can I check my fuel pump module? 

Since these Pump Modules getting very hot, its generally pretty simple to tell when they are really bad as they are often extremely hot and may even melt the plastic casing they are housed in.  Please note that while the scenario mentioned above is the most common it may not be immediately obvious that your pump module is scorched.


How can I fix it?

Replace the module with a new OEM one.  This part has been revised and you want to make sure you’re getting the most current version of this.  Also another thought I had in regards to this was about aftermarket versions of this part.  Given the fact the OEM fuel pump modules have had overheating issues I would be very concerned when install an aftermarket one.  This is even more true when you consider the fact the pump module is directly above the fuel tank.  If this part were poor quality and caught on fire there are going to be some serious issues.


Take a look at the video below where our friend Charles, The Humble Mechanic talks a liite more about this VW and Audi Fuel Pump Control Module.


We show you how to Install a Fuel Pump Module on a MK5 Jetta



A question we took on the AskDAP Show that was likely to be related to this 2.0t FSI Fuel Pump


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  1. |

    Is this problem it’s also common on the tsi engine on a 2009 vw passat? mine its giving me a code that it’s saying fuel pump control module circuit low

    • Paul Barrett

      Yes they use the same module which has issues. Your problem is likely Fuel pump or module related.

  2. Mite Majeke

    Got a golf V 20 fsi 2004 model. The vehicle problem begins when the engine is hot. If you switch off the ignition and you start it again, the car just stalls and the throttle pedal does not respond and switches off by itself.
    Checked the computer box to see of any errors and picked up the low fuel pressure error.
    Could it be the Fuel Pump Control Module? how can i test this component?

    • Paul Barrett

      You will have to check power supply when the failure happens. It sounds like you might need to seek some help in diagnosing this part.

  3. Alex

    I have a 2006 GLI 2.0t 6m car and the issues that i have 1. it is hard to start it take like 5 or so cranks to star then when it starts idles fine and after 10-15 sec it idles rough, when driving runs fine except sometimes when you hit the gas it hesitates or cut off but very short like it needs more gas and then the engine light flashes and stays on so i checked for codes and i have p2293, p0087, p0300,po304, so i checked the cam follower and the cam and they seem fine, i also checked the coils and they seem fine, now after checking and put everything back i took it for a spin and it ran fine then i found out that i didn’t plug the maf sensor, so i check for codes and i only get the p2293, P0087 and the one for the MAF, so do you think it could be the the fuel pump module or what could it be? thanks in advance

  4. Charles

    I had a 2006 2.0t. From 81k kms it suffered from engine stalls due to fuel pressure drops. Pressure would drop from 100 – 4 bar, which would stop the engine if it was running under 2000rpm. Engine would always restart immediately. Fitted 2 new high pressure pumps, new cam with follower, 2 low pressure pumps, new module under the back seat, new relays, new regulator, new ECU, wiring loom bypasses for fuel system. Got to a point where the main VW dealer gave it back to me after keeping it 2 months and declared they “can’t fix it” as every fuel system part had been changed yet the fuel pressure drop was clear to see in real time. Car could go for weeks ok then stop every 20 minutes over a week period. Almost killed me one day between 2 trucks in the middle lane of the highway. So I scrapped the car to make sure it could never be sold off and driven again. Then I went out and bought a Japanese car. Moral is, these cars are not economic to fix when they get older, its not worth it as the quality of VW’s of this era have dropped considerably.

    • Paul Barrett

      Sorry to hear about your troubles. FYI them saying we cant fix it is not an acceptable answer. It sounds like parts were being thrown at the vehicle at an alarming rate. This sounds like it could have been a poor job on the repair side. I have had a few tricky ones to diagnose in my time that really kicked my behind, but saying I cant fix it was never an option.

  5. Chaddy

    Hi. I have a Golf MK5 2.0 FSI GT 4 motion on 55 plate. Recently the car had a£2000 repair spent on it. Timing chain, funnel, new head gasket, oil housing and oil cooler, new coil packs, new spark plugs, new oil, and air filter. The problem is that the car is driving fine with no issues but when you drive it for a 1h or 2 h then you stop at traffic lights or stationery, it looses power and it will not restart until 10-15 minutes , it will start and drive again. I m not sure what to do as I have already spent £2000 in repair and counting. Please help. Any suggestions? My mechanic does not know what to do.

    • Paul Barrett

      Tough to say could be this module. If you have someone working on the vehicle who cant properly diagnose it you should consider bringing it to a VW specialist who can.

  6. Jerry

    My 2010 Passat runs 20-30 seconds then dies. It will start back up as many times as I want, always with the same result. I applied power to the pump and can hear it running. Am I having a problem with the fuel pump control module?? Is there a way to test this part? It does seem to be getting hot and I don’t see any evidence of melting on the exterior of the part. No help at the VW dealer either. Thoughts?

    • Paul Barrett

      You can take a volt meter and test if there is voltage coming out of the module after the car stalls. If you dont have these tools you might consider replacing it to get a know good module in the vehicle.

      • Alex White

        What should the readings be out of the module if it is working properly? What voltage?
        Thank you!

        Having similar problem, idles fine for 5-10 min, then dies, or if you drive it right after starting it falls on its face and sputters then dies completely not be re-started for 10-30 min.

  7. silvio torres

    Hello, I drive a 2012 Jetta GLI, my car is throwing two codes, P0304 and P025C. I know one is a misfire and other one is the Fuel Pump Control Module Circuit Low. I already replaced spark plugs and coil on cylinder number 4 when I cleared the codes the faults came back after driving the car for a while, I visually inspected the control module and it does not look burnt and it did not feel hot after driving it for like 15 minutes. Could this control module be the culprit of my misfire P0304 and if it is do you recommend i replace it along with the in tank fuel pump? I would really appreciate your advice, thanks.

      • |

        Hi Paul, hope you can help me out with some problem I am having.

        I have a 2.0tfsi golf mk5 2005 which drives fine but after a while of driving it, the car stalls and won’t start for a while until car has cool down, then would start and be back to normal. I had a dignostic run on it and the messages are

        camshaft timing retard bank 1
        fuel low pressure regulation outside tolerance
        fuel pressure regulation

        Please if you have any suggests, would love to hear from you. Thanks

        • Paul Barrett

          Sounds like you need to check out your fuel pump module as talked about in the above info

  8. Andre John

    Hi, I have a Jetta 5 2.0 fsi,the problem I’m having is every now and then,the car doesn’t wanna start,I have an automatic dsg box,So the gear display on the dash blinks,when this happens the car won’t start,it just swings,after a while then it would start. What would you say is the problem, thanks

  9. |

    Will carbon build up cause white exhaust smoke?

    • Paul Barrett

      No. White smoke is generally coolant. If its blueish then its oil

  10. Stephen

    2012 vw cc, car just died while driving. EPC light on, and P0087 (low fuel pressure). Key on and during cranking is 3 bar fuel pressure, not the specified 40bar. Dealer says its the fuel pump and a fuel pump module. I thought it was this module, but they said they had to drop the tank to replace it… Do you know what they are talking about? I keep thinking its the HPFP, since it has pressure, just not a lot.. anyways they want $1100 to replace the pump and module, and I just can’t afford that right now.

  11. Ryheem

    I have a 2009 VW CC , where is the location of the fuel pump relay?

  12. Pedro

    Hello paul
    Your videos and site really resourceful thank you for your efforts it’s really amazing. However I have Passat 20FSI 2007 the control module keeps working when I turn off my car and i hear that little noise, normally it will stop after couple of seconds but now it won’t and when I touch it it’s very hot and it drains the battery every morning today I bought control module And I installed it the good thing the noise stop I hope this will solve my problem. I want to ask you what cause this problem is it the fuel pump or its just the control module lifespan ?
    Am sorry if my english is bad

  13. Chad garrett

    A week ago we drove my wife’s 2012 VW CC to dinner. When we cam out to leave, the car wouldn’t start. After trying periodically for about 10 min it fired up and was fine for the next week. The following Saturday my wife left a gas station and drove about 1/2 mile when it died while driving. It hasn’t started since. I was able to pull the P2293 code from the ECU and I changed the HPFP but no improvement and no more codes. Is it possible that it could be the control module.

  14. Anis

    How I can change the fuel pump high and low pressure for Audi A6 2012 model 2.0 TFSI

  15. Bubba

    Hello. 2008 vw Passat 2.0T . Battery draining. Pulling 11amp with key off. Remove fuse 31 drivers side dash fuse box and it drops to .04 amps. Owners manual does not list this fuse but online said it was fuel module. Can fuel module stick “on” causing current draw???? If I pull fuse while car is running. The engine dies 10 seconds later. Will not restart until fuse is replaced. Help……?!?!

    • Paul Barrett

      Sounds like you could need a fuel pump or module but you will need to look into that.


    What about a code throwing for fuel pressure regulator P2293

  17. Joe

    i get check engine light on, then i couldn’t start my VW EOS 2.0FSI, code P025C : Fuel Pump Module Control Circuit Low
    i replaced the Fuel Pump Module , the new one has the last letter different: is G rather then F: 1K0906093G
    Now the engine start well, (6 to 7V across the pump) and i cleared the fault , but check engine light again on, i cleared several time , and it will go back on after 10 second.
    What can be else ?
    Thanking you in advance

  18. Ty Dunning

    I have a 2007 FSI that has had a few different hands in it the most immediate problem is the high pressure fuel pump will not produce fuel on the high side fitting it’s a new pump and a new follower the cam doesn’t appear to have any wear on it but a vw dealer said there was supposed to be power to one wire on the sensor on top of the pump it doesn’t have any not sure where to Go from here any help would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance

  19. Joshua Dominguez

    2013 golf r

    Replaced the hpfp, cam follower; car still won’t start.

    Checked the psi from the in tank fuel pump while turning it over and it only shoots about 18psi. Do you think it’s in tank fuel pump? The module looks perfect. Losing my mind with this thing.

  20. Ola

    I drive a passat 2.0fsi, and i have a big challenge with the car stalling on the highway, I have changed my fuel pump and the module and anything that has to do with fuel, I realise the only fast way of getting the car starting again after stalling is to remove the pressure hoss and fix back immediately and start the car, and the car works perfectly again… Or to leave the car for long hours. Please advice

  21. |

    I have Audi a3 2.0tdi diesel, morning the car will start but if the engine heat and you turn the key off and spark again it won’t start unless the engine cool before it will start, what will be the caused?

  22. godfred

    Hi I have a jetta 5 fsi 2.0 2006 model it give a bluish smoke in intervals and the engine run so bad as if the auxhaust is damaged and it looses power what can be the problem and how can I fix it?

  23. Scotch

    Hi paul! Audi a3 2. 0 fsi overflows on the pipe before tbe injectors, and won’t start, module, pump are working properly, it will onl5 start when i have removed the fuel pjpe before the injectors. What could be gbe problem?

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