#AskDAP Show Episode 50 |Answering your VW and Audi Questions

July 3, 2016

The AskDAP show is a show we put together with questions that come to us via Email, Twitter or questions we stumble on that we think might be helpful to the VW and Audi community.  We will be putting out these shows regularly and answering questions in video format.  To keep up with the latest episodes or videos we put out, subscribe to the DAP YouTube Channel.  To ask a question for the show send us an email to info@shopdap.com be sure to put #AskDAP in the subject line.

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Questions answered on Episode 50 of the AskDAP Show



Questions answered above

1. I am looking to track my MK7 Golf R with DCC is this safe to hold up to this?

2. I have a 2011 VW MK6 Jetta with a 2.0t TSI engine.  On occasion it has an issue where after running for a while its tough to restart.  Any thoughts?

3. I’m trying to find the location of the coolant temp sensor on my 2009 Passat with a 2.0t TSI engine.  I have a “Malfunction in cooling system” fault and Im hoping to fix that.

4. My MK5 GTI will be in need of a Xenon (HID) bulb very soon.  Your price seems really low and I’m trying to figure out what the difference is.  Should I also replace these bulbs in pairs?

5. I have an 07 VW Passat with a 2.0t FSI engine.  I’m planning to do some preventative maintenance on the cooling system.  Are there any parts you would recommend replacing on the FSI cooling system?


Links to Info Talked about in this Video

VW MK6 Jetta 2.0t TSI Intank Fuel Pump

VW MK6 Jetta 2.0t TSI Fuel Pump Module

2.0t TSI Coolant Temp Sensor

MK5 Jetta or GTI Xenon (HID) Bulb

2.0t FSI Waterpump

2.0t FSI Coolant Temp Sensor

2.0t FSI Coolant Flange

2.0t FSI Thermostat


About the Host (Paul Barrett)

I have been a VW enthusiast and  professional since 2001.  I have worked in most roles in a VW dealers from Dealer Tech to Parts Manager.  With the AskDAP show we hope that by answering that 1 questions it might help others who dont know where these type of questions can be answered.

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