Bad Ignition Coils and Misfires for VW 2.5 5 Cylinder Engine

October 6, 2015

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The Info Below Applies to the Following VW Models

MK5 Jetta 2.5L 5cylinder Engine 2005.5-2006-2007-2008-2009-2010-2011-2012-2013-2014

Beetle 2.5L 5cylinder Engine 2005-2006-2007-2008-2009-2010-2011-2012-2013

MK5 and MK6 Sportwagen 2.5L 5cylinder Engine 2009-2010-2011-2012-2013

MK5 Rabbit 2.5L 5cylinder Engine 2006-2007-2008-2009

MK6 Golf 2.5L 5cylinder Engine 2010-2011-2012-2013

B7 Passat 2.5L 5cylinder Engine 2012-2013-2014


Ignition coils on the VW 2.5 Liter 5 Cylinder engines can have some issues. When the ignition coil fails you are likely to get a check engine light, and possibly even a flashing check engine light (You should not drive with this light FLASHING). The faults for bad ignition coils could be misfires on a single or multiple cylinders with possible fault codes being P0300, P0301(for cylinder 1), P0302(for cylinder 2) , P0303(for cylinder 3), P0304(for cylinder 4) or P0305(for cylinder 5). These can be checked by swapping the ignition coils to different cylinders to determine if the misfire moves. Note: You will need access to a scan tool to determine the fault codes before and after testing (any generic scanner will work).

VW 2.5 5 Cylinder Number Order

Example: Your are experiencing a fault code P0301 this indicates you have a cylinder one misfire. If the light is continuously flashing this means the misfire is constant. If your check engine light is stays lit up and you have this fault code this means your vehicle has registered a cylinder one misfire at some time (possibly multiple misfires). You should take the ignition coil in cylinder 1 and swap it with the ignition coil in cylinder 2.

If the misfire then moves from cyl 1 to cyl 2 its safe to say that the misfire is caused by a bad coil. If the misfire does not move you can then try to swap spark plugs which will also help you rule out another item. Assuming that doesn’t work either you very likely have an issue with carbon build up on this intake valves or a bad fuel injector.



Ignition coils on VW 2.5L cars do not have a maintenance interval. Many people regularly replace their coils or keep spares in case they go which can be a great way to ensure a bad ignition coil doesn’t leave you stranded. When you have one go bad we generally recommend replacing them all to ensure you have good ignition coils in your car. It may not be a bad idea to replace the ignition coils every 40k or 60K (check your manual for your vehicle specs) miles when should be changing your spark plugs.


There have been revisions to the VW 2.5L 5 Cylinder Ignition Coil and you can find the latest version Here.

2.5 5cyl OEM VW Ignition Coil

2.5 5cyl OEM (Audi R8) Ignition Coil

2.5 5cyl OEM Ignition Coil Set W/ Spark Plugs

2.5 5cyl OEM (Audi R8) Ignition Coil Set W/ Spark Plugs


How To Diagnose Misfires on VW and Audi Models


Here is a video about bad coils on a 2.0t but the same basic rules apply to the 2.5 engine.


How to replace VW 2.5L 5 Cylinder Ignition coils. 


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on Bad Ignition Coils and Misfires for VW 2.5 5 Cylinder Engine.
  1. Kevin

    I am just purchasing a used 2012 vw jetta 2.5 with 50,000 Kms and your web posts have taken the mystery out of changing coils, spark plugs and even the stereo!
    It has given me the comfort tht my 16 year old daughter will get many years of driving from this car.
    Thank you and keep up the great flow of information!! This information is very appreciated.

    I will have my daughter sit and watch these videos so that she learns simple and advanced car maintenance.

  2. James Bond

    Thanks a lot for the tutorials! !!!

  3. Matthew Myrfield

    Car was running like it had a bad plug or coil and they had not been changed in about 60,000 so I decided to replace both plugs and coil packs. After I did this I had what seemed like a major missing issue going on. I brought it in and one shop told me it was a bad timing chain because it was getting missfires on multiple cylinders. The thing is, before I changed the plugs and coils, it just seemed like a minor mismfire(not like the timing chain was bad, still drove down the road fine, just a little choppy idle). After replacement, it idled okay, but ran like crap(could only have in first gear without it jumping around) and they tell me it’s a timing chain(which is 2000 to change). Do you think I could have gotten bad plugs and coils, or does this sound like the timing chain.

    • Paul Barrett

      No way for us to know. They are looking at the vehicle and can physically see if the timing chain is no longer in time

    • Louis castello

      Hi, im having the same exact issue here, and the problem its intermitent, it works perfect afew minutes and the goes bad again, sa.e as you i just replace w plugs, did you find out what the problem was? ( i replace the shaft vrank sensor, maf, 2 coils, and trouble shoot the canister and pcv valve,

  4. Gregory Willingham

    My daughter has a 2009 Beetle and the wiring harness for the ignition coil needs replacing. Where is agood place to find an inexpensive replacement wiring harness due to living on a fixed budget?

  5. Beresford

    I had some problems with a misfire on my 2008 VW Jetta. Thank you for all of your information and help in resolving these particular mechanical issues. Your video tutorial’s are clear, to the point and very well done. Thanks once again.

  6. Ibulu Ibiene Alfred

    Please I need a sincere advice.
    I am in love with VW golf and I want to buy a used 2007 Golf, V5 and 2.5 lt engine. Can anyone offer me a professional advice to buy or not?
    Thank you as I await your response.

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