Bad Ignition Coils and Misfires for VW and Audi 2.0T FSI

May 20, 2015

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Ignition coils on the VW and Audi 2.0T FSI engines can have some issues.  When the ignition coil fails you are likely to get a check engine light, and possibly even a flashing check engine light (You should not drive with this light FLASHING).  The faults for bad ignition coils could be misfires on a single or multiple cylinders with possible fault codes being P0300, P0301(for cylinder 1), P0302(for cylinder 2) , P0303(for cylinder 3), P0304(for cylinder 4).  These can be checked by swapping the ignition coils to different cylinders to determine if the misfire moves.  Note: You will need access to a scan tool to determine the fault codes before and after testing (any generic scanner will work).

fsi cylinder numbers


Example:  Your are experiencing a fault code P0301 this indicates you have a cylinder one misfire.  If the light is continuously flashing this means the misfire is constant.  If your check engine light is stays lit up and you have this fault code this means your vehicle has registered a cylinder one misfire at some time (possibly multiple misfires).  You should take the ignition coil in cylinder 1 and swap it with the ignition coil in cylinder 2.

If the misfire then moves from cyl 1 to cyl 2 its safe to say that the misfire is caused by a bad coil.  If the misfire does not move you can then try to swap spark plugs which will also help you rule out another item.  Assuming that doesn’t work either you very likely have an issue with carbon build up on this intake valves or a bad fuel injector.


coil plug set


Ignition coils on VW and Audi 2.0T FSI cars do not have a maintenance interval.  Many people regularly replace their coils or keep spares in case they go which can be a great way to ensure a bad ignition coil doesn’t leave you stranded.  When you have one go bad we generally recommend replacing them all to ensure you have good ignition coils in your car. It may not be a bad idea to replace the ignition coils every 40k miles when should be changing your spark plugs.


There have been revisions to the VW and Audi 2.0T Ignition Coil and you can find the latest version Here.

2.0T FSI OEM Igniton Coil

2.0t Ignition Coils


2.0T FSI Bosch Ignition Coil Set

2.0t Bosch Ignition Coil


2.0T FSI (Audi R8) Ignition Coil Set

R8 Coils for VW Audi 2.0t


2.0T FSI Igniton Coil Set with Bosch Spark Plugs

2.0t Ignition Coil with Spark Plugs


2.0T FSI (Audi R8) Ignition Coil Set with Bosch Spark Plugs

2.0t R8 Ignition Coils with Spark Plugs


Need a Scan Tool to Help you Diagnose your Misfire?  

OBDeleven VAG Com Alternative


How To Diagnose Misfires on VW and Audi Models




How to replace 2.0T Ignition coils.  This video is on a 2.0T TSI, but it would be very similar on an FSI engine.   You would need to remove your engine cover first then the rest of the process would be very much the same.

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on Bad Ignition Coils and Misfires for VW and Audi 2.0T FSI.
    • Dave Joyce

      Hi Guys. I Have a problem with my 2006 GTI Golf 2L FSI Turbo, Engine fault light came on, The engine is hunting at idle when I put the diagnostic module into computer it came back with intermittent firing on 1 and 4, and a fault on cam position sensor 1b. Swapped 1 and 4 coils for 2 and 3 and the intermittent firing fault came back with 2 and 3. Also noticed the VVT solenoid plug was broken so replaced VVT solenoid, replaced 4 coils and cam position sensor.Cleared the computer, started the car and the hunting was still there but when I removed the VVT solenoid plug the motor runs smooth plug it back on the hunting at idle starts again. Could you please give me some idea what is going on. Thanks. Dave Also now my wife has told me that when she goes up hills or sitting at lights the car misses and dies. ?????

  1. |

    Helpful video. I have a 1.8t wolfsburg jetta. Just experienced a brutal case of misfiring a couple nights ago. While driving the car began shaking and I pulled over to have a look at the engine. She was shaking back and forth horribly lol I was like “UH whoa!…” Turned around and went back home. Plugged in my obdII cable and hooked it up to my laptop, opened up vag-com and read the DTCs, random misfires and cylinder 1 misfire… I decided to clear the code and run a log on measuring blocks 14, 15 and 20. I started the car and within 10 seconds cylinder 1 had 100+ misfires… So I swapped coils with cylinder 2 and sure enough, a log on those same measuring blocks came up with 100+ misfires in cylinder 2… So I went and got a new ignition coil to replace that one and get back on the road… I just ordered 4 new ignition coils so when those get here I’ll swap all of them. But hey I could use your advice. It doesnt really matter because I’m swapping them all with new ones anyways, but I was logging 14, 15 and 20 earlier today and I was just putting around my neighborhood to ensure that there were no more misfires… Well I hit the main road for a quick run and when I got up to about 3000 rpms in 2nd gear I got 2 misfires in cylinder 3… Think thats an indicator that the rest of the coils are on their way out too?

    • Paul Barrett

      I’m not sure what year 1.8t jetta you have but if it is a MK4 replacing all the coils is a good idea.

  2. Bill L.

    Your link for OEM coils doesn’t work. In any case I have an issue with my 08 GTI. Was running ok when I pushed it real hard on acceleration once. Got check engine that turned out to be cylinder misfires. Replaced all 4 coil packs with autozone units. Engine ran even worse. Put the original vw coils back. since then no misfires but the engine has a bad hesitation about 2500 rpm under hard acceleration. Above or below that taking it easy, its fine. I’m thinking I need a set of -good- coils… opinion please?

    • Paul Barrett

      Yes most aftermarket coils are poor quality and often have issues on VW and Audi engines. Coils are going to be the best place to start for this repair. I will be talking about this on an upcoming episode of the AskDAP show.

  3. Erik

    I have a 2008 Wolfsburg Edition Jetta with a 2.0T FSI engine and DSG transmission that seems to misfire ONLY during periods of half open throttle or more. The car idles fine and runs well at half throttle or less and it never triggers the CEL except for a flashing one when the engine misses under the circumstances described above but it promptly goes away upon reducing the throttle back to acceptable limits. I have changed the diverter valve which was torn, and the high pressure fuel pump cam follower with the kit you guys offer. The only other thing I have done is change the ignition coils and spark plugs which helped a lot at first but only for a brief time. The engine does burn about a quart of oil every 2,000-3,000 miles. On a final note the car does perform better while in Sport mode on the DSG but if you have to get on the gas a little too much, the symptoms are the same. I’m at a loss because there are no DTC’s to review and the CEL doesn’t stay on. Any thoughts?

  4. Sipho

    My gti v is misfiring in cylinder 4 coinplugs checked ok compression test done ok petrol pump ok so am nw confused wat could be the problem

  5. Mike

    I’m driving a B7 2.0T, during first drive in the morning when merging on interstate I feel a misfire or hesitation. No check engine light is seen. Is it possible to experience misfires without a check engine light?

    • Paul Barrett

      Yes its possible. You should have the car scanned to see if there are faults stored. Often times if the issue is not persistent enough it may not set the check engine light.

  6. Dylan

    Im just curious, say you have a misfire on 1 and need to swap it. Can you swap to to 3 or 4? or does it have to be 2 ?

    • Paul Barrett

      Doesn’t matter which cylinder. You’re just trying to see if the misfire moves to the new cylinder.

  7. |

    Hi Paul

    I have a 2007 VW Passat 2.0FSi. The car runs and idles fine, but usually after I have driven about 100km, it feels as if the car is misfiring, especially when I try to accelerate from a stand-still. Could this be the ignition coils?
    As Murphy’s law would have it, I’ve been to 3 service centers and nobody seems to find any fault. It only happens after I have driven long distances. Please advise. Kind Regards.

    • Paul Barrett

      Sorry but given this info any answer to this question would just be a guess. You will need to look into this issue more.

  8. Marcel

    I have a smilair problem.

    I swapped the coil ,
    Spark plug and injector and its still at cilinder 2 . Don’t know what to check next . Maybe a compression test .

    • Paul Barrett

      compression and leak down test would be next

  9. andres iglesias

    Do you know the cylinder sequence ? Im cleaning the intake valves so i need to know the sequence when the intake valves are closed. Thanks


    How do I set timing on this motor?

  11. Martin Calle

    Thanks Paul and Max. This is the first time I’ve done any work on my Passat and Touareg. Much searching for parts on Amazon and How-Tos on YouTube helped me find you. I can tell you are passionate about what you do. Very professional too. Best price on parts too (this is my first experience but I did do A LOT of comparisons). Happy to support your business and your families by doing business with you. Pack that order well now so the plugs don’t rattle around loose in the box like so many Amazon orders! Thanks again. Anxious to get my parts and install them. Love your how-to videos. Clear and concise.

    • Paul Barrett

      Thank you so much for the feedback and the support. We appreciate it very much. John in the warehouse always does a great job packing the orders.

  12. omphemetse Morupisi

    my golf 5 2.0 fsi just cuts off while driving what might be the problem

    • Paul Barrett

      This is not enough info to give any advice. You should get with a local VW specialist to diagnose your car.

  13. John

    I have a 2006 vw gli 2.0t and it was misfiring on cylinder 4 3 and 1 I replaced all the coils then a hole melted in the manifold so I replaced the manifold and all injectors and when i started it up again and still was shaking bad as it idled and you could feel on the manifold at cylinder 1 that it was getting really hot like it was going to melt through again then when noticed one of the I think vacuum line that tans across the top of the manifold was melted together what can it be for it to still be misfiring like it is and could it be that one line I haven’t changed it out yet but we are at a lose of what to do

  14. Ramesh

    Hello guys,
    I live in Toronto, Canada. Have a problem with my 2007 Audi A3 2.o t FWD, manual shift. Tried to start this morning, however no temp /fuel/battery gauges etc. however car starts for about 3 secs and then dies. Any help will be highly appreciative.
    Thank you.

  15. Alberio

    My problem is similar to Bill L’s…’07 GTI misses occasionally and only at 2500 rpm under full throttle. No CEL. Seems way too specific to be a coil?

    • Paul Barrett

      Diagnosing it further would be the only way to tell.

  16. Kenny

    Which of the above coils have strongest spark and best reliability. I dont have much faith in OEM VW parts especialy the coils so i am assuming the Bosh however would love to hear from expert.

    **Someone could make a fortune if they produced and sold high quality durable coils, sensors etc. For VW/Audi cars. Their outsourced apparently to the lowest bidder unreliable VW/Audi OEM periferals for most part are cheap and guaranteed to break. Whomever designed the HPFP CAM follower should be fired and shot. All you have to do is look at the TSI CAM ROLLER FOLLOWER and you see what the FSI Follower should have been. BTW the TSI Roller Follower is able to be retrofit to the FSI motors. Why VW did not offer this fix on its own is maddening. Uses all OEM VW/Audi parts with the acception of one custom machined collar that slides on between HPFP and minorly modified end cover. If mear mortals can come up with these kind of permanent fixes and VW/Audi cant says a lot. Thanks

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