MK7 GTI and Golf Headlights.... Get LED DRLs on your Halogen Car

MK7 GTI and Golf Headlights.... Get LED DRLs on your Halogen Car

Looking the get the HID lighting package looking on your MK7 Golf or GTI?  These Helix lights are the perfect way add the awesome looking LED DRLs for a fraction of this cost.  These lights are simple to install and will not leave you with any complicated wiring or bulb errors after installation.


Here is a picture of a MK7 GTI with Silver MK7 Helix Lights and a MK7 GTD Grille

MK7 GTI Helix Lights

These Helix lights are offered with a red stripe or a chrome depending on which aesthetic you prefer.  They are a plug and play replacement for vehicles that come from the factory with halogen lights and are not to be installed on vehicle already fitted with the MK7 Lighting Package.  Its also important to note that the when installing these lights in your halogen MK7 you will need to swap the grille to a lighting package one if you want the line through the headlight to match up with the one in the front grille assembly (see picture below for comparison or a DIY video HERE)



MK7 Helix


MK7 Golf and GTI Helix Headlight Versions

MK7 Chrome Stripe Helix Headlights for Golf and GTI

MK7 Red Stripe Helix Headlights for Golf and GTI



Below we have a great DIY showing you how to install these Headlights on your MK7.  

The operation video attached was shot after an HID kit was installed on the vehicle.



MK7 Lighting Package Grille options

All the grille options listed below will keep the line on your headlights in line with your grille assembly when installing these MK7 Helix headlights.

MK7 Golf Lighting Package Grille

MK7 Golf R  Lighting Package Grille

MK7 GTI Lighting Package Grille

MK7 GTD Lighting Package Grille

MK7 Hybrid Lighting Package Grille


Below is a picture of the MK7 GTI Lighting Package Grille vs the Halogen one.

MK7 GTI Grille Comparison