VW MK7 Oil Change DIY with DAP Oil Change Kit

VW MK7 Oil Change DIY with DAP Oil Change Kit

Changing the oil on your MK7 GTI or Golf R is exceptionally important to keep your vehicle properly maintained.  While this service interval on these cars is every 10k miles many VW enthusiast prefer changing their oil more frequently.  Doing this will help ensure that you are maximizing the longevity of the 2.0t engine in your MK7.

Tool Required for the MK7 Oil Change

MK7 Oil Filter Socket

Medium Flat Head Screw Driver


6" extension

Oil Drain Pan



Oil Funnel (or you can cut the back off the 1L bottle and use that as a funnel as shown in the video)

Looking for Oil Change Kits for your MK7?

Liquimoly Oil Change Kit for MK7

mk7 GTI oil change

Castrol Oil Change Kit for MK7

mk7 oil change kit cas

Here we have a video DIY we shot showing how to change the oil on a MK7 GTI.  


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