Check Gas Cap Light on VW and Audi 2.0T TSI Engine

June 18, 2015

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2.0t TSI Evap Purge (N80) Valve 

2.0t TSI Evap (N80) Purge Valve


The Evap or Evaporative emissions system is designed to burn the fuel vapors that build up in your fuel tank.  The fuel tank does not vent to atmosphere because fuel vapors contain hydrocarbons which are hazardous to the environment.  More specifically the green house effect and global warming.


The evap purge, know to VW and Audi as the N80 valve is a solenoid valve that controls the amount of fuel vapor going back to the engine to be burned.  This valve may often get stuck open, become clogged or no longer function electronically.  This most often will result in a “check gas cap light” on your dash, or a fault codes relating to the evap system (listed below).  This happens because the evap system pressurizes to make sure there are no leaks.  When the N80 valve is stuck open the car thinks you either have a leak in the Evap system or you left your gas cap off.


vw audi 2.0t tsi n80 valve


VW and Audi Fault Codes often caused by a bad Evap Purge (N80) Valve on 2.0T TSI engines

  • P0441 – EVAP Emission Control Sys: Incorrect Flow
  • P0456 – EVAP System: Very Small Leak Detected
  • P0455 – EVAP System: Large Leak Detected


The Evap Purge Valve should be the starting point if you have any of the faults above(assuming you have a gas cap on the vehicle)  .  See these video for more info about the VW and Audi Evap Purge (N80) Valve.


PURCHASE THIS OEM VW/Audi Part – 2.0T TSI Evap Purge (N80) Valve 06J133781CE


Here we have a video talking about how VW and Audi N80 Valves Fail on 2.0T TSI


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on Check Gas Cap Light on VW and Audi 2.0T TSI Engine.
  1. |

    Re: 2.0 TSI Evap Purge Valve (N80) video. Always enjoy your videos, however as a novice, I need to see where the part is in the engine compartment. This video failed to do so.

    • Paul Barrett

      This part is under the intake manifold on the 2.0T TSI engine.

      • Jeremy

        So replacing it requires removal of the intake manifold?

        • Paul Barrett

          You should not need to take the manifold off. However this does run under that manifold and might be challenging to remove.

  2. Jacob

    Hi Paul,
    Could a faulty N80 valve cause engine hesitation? My folks MK7 Golf 1.8T has a slight hesitation from the 1200-2100 RPM range at load. I ran a VCDS scan and all that came up was “P0456 00 [096] – Very Small Leak Detected”

    • Paul Barrett

      Its possible but not likely. Your vehicle is under warranty you should take it to your local dealer to have them take a look at it.

  3. Gareth Christie

    Hi I’ve been looking at the videos and i think you guys are doing a fantastic job here so i was hoping you could point me in the right direction
    I have the vw scirocco 2-0t-tsi-engine 2008.5 modle and at the moment the power assisted brakes don’t work or not very much anyway
    Up to now ive replaced the servo,the master cylinder,the servo brake vacum pump and had the rear calipers checked to make sure the pistons where not seized and still no assisted brakes
    The pedal is rock solid not sponge the only thing i haven’t done up to now is check out the front calipers and rebleed the entire system
    Have you got any suggestions where do I go from here.
    Many thanks

    • Paul Barrett

      Sounds like you have a braking issue that likely related to vacuum. You seem to be on the right track so theres not much more we can offer you. You will have to have the vehicle properly diagnosed if youre not sure where to go from here.

  4. Lee

    My car has a slight wobble on idle. I don’t have any fault codes generated.

    Best way to describe it is as if I have poor fuel in the car.

    I have replaced that many parts in my car now and someone has suggested changing my n8p valve.

    Could this cause a very small wobble . Like a misfire feeling but so small.

    • Paul Barrett

      Im sorry this is not enough detail to offer any insight. I dont know what car, engine, mileage or what parts have been replaced.

  5. lyusi

    Hi Paul, i picked up a 2013 A6 with 2.0t a month ago. it is a high milage car 100k and out of warranty. the car has engine stutter when comming to a stop do you think this valve could be the issue no codes i replace the PCV valve on top of the engine already.

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