Could the MK7 be the Best GTI Ever?

October 15, 2014

The MK7 GTI has been a huge hit so far. With all the hype around the model it leaves most asking. “Is this the best GTI ever”?

With every new GTI the VW community usually looks at each other and says “I don’t like it”.  The love for the previous generation runs deep within the owners, and might cause a slight hesitation to embrace the new model.  The MK7 GTI seems to be the first model without the “I hate it” first reaction.  While the MK7 GTI still may have haters, the proof as they say is in the pudding.

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The Performance
The MK7 GTI is the most powerful GTI yet with 210hp and 258lbft of torque.  This power puts down the fastest GTI 0-60 and ¼ miles times posted by a stock GTI yet.  They are respectively 5.8 seconds and 14.4 seconds trapping 100 mph.   The MK7 GTI also handles better than any GTI yet with a skid pad of .91g.  In addition to that there will be a “Performance Package” coming soon which will add more horsepower (10hp more ) as well as upgraded brakes and an electronic limited slip differential.  This should make the MK7 GTI an even more track worthy hot hatch.

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The Value
The new MK7 is great amalgamation of quality, performance and price.  If you take a look at the chart below we have compared all generations of the GTI MK1-MK7 with key performance components coupled with prices of the original vehicles which we have adjusted for inflation (calculation from people much smarter than us).  These calculations show that the MK7 GTI is cheapest GTI since the MK2 8 valve.  They also show that the MK7 GTI is the least dollar per horsepower cost out of all GTI’s in history.   These numbers make it tough to argue that the MK7 GTI is indeed a great value.

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The Cost for More
The MK7 GTI is a great car out of the box, but we don’t like to leave our cars alone.  It appears have the best bang for your buck when it comes to GTI performance tuning.  With a Unitronic Stage 1 tune costing $550.00 on a MK6 GTI with a 2.0T, you will expect to see gains of 45 hp.  That is a very reasonable cost of $12.22 per hp.  The MK7 GTI owners, with a Stage 1 software tune are seeing power increase of 90-100hp for $699.99.  That is an INCREDIBLE $7.76 per Horsepower!!!!

If you’re a MK7 GTI hater, tell the MK7 you don’t like it’s rear end.  Or tell the MK7 you think the silly fake carbon fibery dash trim is ridiculous(we do).  You can even tell the MK7 it needs “Moar LOW”, but don’t say it isn’t awesome…. Because it is.

 Skid Pad
Curb Weight
 Base Price
 Price Adj for Inf
HP  Tq $ Per HP
Pwr to Weight
MK1 GTI 1983 8V
     2100 $8,350
 90hp   $222
MK2 GTI 1986 8V
     2300 $9,190
 $19,985  102hp  110 lbft  $195  .0443
MK3 GTI 1995VR6
 .78  2800  $19,190  $30,011  172hp
 173 lbft  $174  .0614
 MK4 GTI 2000 1.8T
 .80  2881  $19,750  $27,336  150hp  155 lbft  $182  .0520
 MK5 GTI 2007 2.0T
 6.4  .85  3200  $23,370  $26,864  200hp  207 lbft  $134  .0625
 MK6 GTI 2010 2.0T
 6.1  .88  3200  $24,189  26,436  200hp  207 lbft
 $134  .0625
MK7 GTI 2015 2.0T
 5.9  .91  3050  $25,215  $25,215  210hp  258 lbft  $120  .0688

Please note that we would love to have include models such as the MK2 16v and the 1.8T 180hp MK4, but we were unable to
locate credible sources for the data.  Most of the Data found here has come from Car and Drivers GTI Archives

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