Company Story

How Do You Pronounce our Name, and What Does it mean?

The name "Deutsche" translates from German to English as simply "German". So the people of Germany therefore would refer to themselves as "Deutsche".

How do you say it? – Phonetically the name "Deutsche" would be pronounced "DOY-chuh" or "DOI-cha"

We recently changed our homepage to in an effort to make our site easier to find.


The Founder

Deutsche Auto Parts (DAP) was founded in 2012 by Paul Barrett who has a long standing history with both VW and Audi brands. This has led him down the path to opening Deutsche Auto Parts in an effort to provide exceptional customer service, and discounted parts pricing without sacrificing quality.



The Road Traveled

Paul Barrett started in the automotive business like most have, with a passion for cars. After graduating high school in northern New Jersey he started college, and quickly realized that the standard path was not for him. He then decided to pursue his passion that he knew very little about (other than what he read in online forums, and performance magazines). He then enrolled in Lincoln Technical Institute where he excelled in all facets of automotive schooling. During this time he worked in the parts department at Crestmont Volkswagen for some years.

After graduating at the top of his class he attended the Volkswagen Academy Technician Recruitment Program (VATRP). Here he also excelled and graduated the top of the class.



Upon graduating Paul found himself moving to the Charlotte area to work as a Technician at Keffer Volkswagen. After 3 years of turning wrenches he realized a potential future in the Parts Department at Keffer VW, and took on a role as Parts Consultant. 8 months later he was awarded the role of Parts Manager.

During his time in the role Paul worked extremely hard to create an online presence, and he created He offered discount prices on VW parts for all VW models, including Jetta, Golf, GTI, Beetle, Beetle Convertible and Passat. Offering these discounted prices helped him get the business, and following through with exceptional customer service helped him keep it. Many of these customers were enthusiasts from and accessory shoppers from After becoming the #1 in the nation for VW Accessory sales, and smashing all objective set by Volkswagen of America, Paul decided it was time to move on. This brings us to present day where Deutsche Auto Parts (DAP) is founded, and the legend of discounted parts as well as great customer service will continue.


Where We are Now

Deutsche Auto Parts (Often referred to as DAP) has been serving the VW and Audi community for years. DAP offers a wide variety of brands and products for VW and Audi models. This includes replacement parts from brands Genuine VW/Audi parts (our speciality), Imported European Genuine VW/Audi parts, Bosch, NGK, Pierburg, with new brands being added daily. We also offer a wide variety of Performance Upgrades from Volkswagen Racing (VWR), Unitronic, GFB (Go Fast Bits), BFI (Black Forest Industries), H&R Suspensions, Bilstein, Forge Motor Sport, K&N Filters, Stoptech, South Bend Clutches, ARP Bolts and many more.



In July of of 2014 Paul and the crew of DAP recorded and released their first Youtube video. The video was a DIY showing customers how to install Audi R8 Ignition Coils on a 2.0T CC. This lead to a revelation by the team at DAP. They realized they could use their years of expertise in the VW and Audi community to deliver helpful, interesting and valuable money saving DIY's to the VW and Audi community they serve.

DAP also regularly puts out articles in their news section with helpful tips, common failures and general VW and Audi knowledge. Which can be found HERE


Why are We Here (from the Founder)

"When I started DAP I really just wanted to build a company that offered high quality VW and Audi parts at a great price. After a while I realized we have so much more to bring to the table. We can actually help people with the years of combined expertise we have, and show them something that no one has take the time to before. That can be anything from a DIY that we make, to a technical article, or even a video we sponsor to have a VW Mastertech share his knowledge. I know that if we deliver all this value to the VW and Audi community they will back us by showing their support of our business, and if not then maybe we haven't earned it yet.

I also feel that we as experienced auto enthusiasts take our years for granted, and I want to make sure we don't do that here. I remember my first mod on my brand new MK4 GTI. I was so proud after installing a cold air intake, a job that should have taken 30 minutes took 2 hours. While that install might seem insignificant to some, I feel like that is the gateway into being an auto enthusiast, and I really want to be a part of that."

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our story!!! We appreciate it very much.