Part 5 (Boost Gauge Install) of the DAP MK7 GTI Build

December 1, 2015

Installing a boost gauge in your vehicle can help you know whats going on at all times.  Most importantly on a turbo car like our project MK7 GTI, to keeping an eye on your boost levels.  Knowing where your baselines are can help you determine if you have a boost leak or some other issue that can potentially be robbing your vehicle of power.


When it came to choosing a boost gauge for your vehicle there are plenty of options out there.  The main reasons we went with this P3 VIDI Gauge are tons of functions, ease of installation and overall fit and finish.   My personal opinion is this is the cleanest gauge out there for a MK7.  When it comes to functions the VIDI is not in short supply, with a 0-60 timer, boost, coolant, intake air and EGT gauges you can monitor everything going on with your vehicle.  As far as install is concerned this unit is completely plug and play.  No need to run anything through the firewall (VIDI gauge only).  Below we have a DIY install as well as a functions run through to give you a better idea of how this gauge functions.


MK7 Golf/ GTI VIDI Boost Gauge – Full Function Gauge 

p3 cars vidi

MK7 Golf/ GTI Boost Gauge – Boost Gauge Only

p3 cars boost



MK7 P3 Cars (VIDI) Gauge Functions


MK7 GTI Boost Gauge Install DIY

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