Part 7 (VW R Springs) of the DAP MK7 GTI Build

December 7, 2015

Lowering the MK7 GTI is pretty much a must for most enthusiast.  Choosing which suspension to go with can be tough.  It really boils down to budget and goals.  If you want to make your MK7 GTI a race car then you should be looking at premium brand fully adjustable coilovers (north of $2k).  On the flip side if you want to get rid of your obnoxious wheel gap and get the car slightly better handling, then springs are a great option for you.


Why VW R Springs for our MK7?

We never really intended on keeping springs on our MK7.  The reason we put springs on our car at all, was so we could make a DIY for you guys.  The reason we chose VWR was because I felt that these would be the most popular in the community.  When it comes to springs there are plenty of options out there if you just want to lower your MK7.  We went with VW R (Racingline) as they are supported by VW in some parts of the world and they make top quality products.  So the end result is a great set of progressive rate springs that balance performance, drive-ability, with a slightly lower ride height.   Please note that these springs are not for anyone looking to slam their MK7.  These are best suited for the MK7 enthusiast who is looking to lower their car while still keeping it daily drive-able.


Here are the VW R Springs we used on our MK7 GTI

vwr springs


MK7 GTI VWR Springs before and after


How to install Springs on a MK7 GTI

We had technical difficulty while shooting this video so we were not able to show the complete install as much as we would have like.  We did however shoot a coilover install video which should answer any other questions you might have about this installation.  You can find that video HERE

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