Part 8 (Euro LED Tail Lights) of the DAP MK7 GTI Build

December 11, 2015

Soooo LED Tail lights….. Most likely anyone in the MK7 community knows us for this specific thing.  Last time I counted we made 9 videos around MK7 LED tail lights.  Most notably we are known for the harness that I developed.  Our poor project MK7 has been apart countless times for testing.  Below is a quick list of what it took to get us where we are.


If you’re not familiar with us LED tail lights or anything on this subject you should check out this article.  MK7 LED Tail Lights This should explain every questions you might have around putting these lights on a MK7.


Here is a side by side with the Euro LED Tail lights and the Stock GTI Lights. 

MK7 GTI LED Tail Light Comparison


Which Set of Tail Lights did we Pick?

There are 3 options for MK7 LED Tail lights.  Which one did we go with?  We actually have had both the Tinted versions and the Bright Red OEM Chinese version.  We originally had the tinted ones on but once the OEM Chinese tail lights were out there, we didn’t feel comfortable offering them to our customers until we made sure the quality was solid.   The bright red ones have been on our car ever since and are working great.


Here is our car with the Cherry Red OEM Chinese Tail Lights 

MK7 dual rear--


Here is a picture of our MK7 with the Tinted LED Tail Lights

mk7 LED tail-


The 3 OEM Versions of LED MK7 Tail Lights Available. 

MK7 LED Tail Slide-


The path to MK7 LED Tail Lights

1. Aug 27 – MK7 GTI LED Tail light install.   (v1)  – We left this up for anyone looking for this info but we don’t recommend it

This video showed you how to wire the vehicle for amber turn signals.  This video is outdated and uses a completely different setup than our current one.  This required cutting and splicing the cars which we very quickly realized most people didn’t want to do.  This wasnt going to work so we needed to come up with something else.   I completely understood that most people didn’t want to hack apart their brand new car to get the functionality of the amber turn signals.  So I set out to work to bring the community a harness that could deliver on that.  Video HERE

2. Aug 28 – We put together a functionality test to show how the tail lights operate.  There was so much confusion on the forums that we wanted to put out something to give everyone clarity as to what they were really looking for Video HERE. This video still left people with a lot of questions so it wasn’t our last on this subject.

3. Oct 3 – We then did another functionality video because after the first video everyone wanted to know what it was like if you didnt wire or code them.  We had a local customer stop by for LED tail lights and we installed them and shot this. Video HERE.  This video also still left people with a lot of questions so it also wasn’t our last on this subject.

4. Dec 2014 – Jan 2015 – We were hard at work trying to execute the development and production of a new harness to make some happy MK7 owners.  Everyone at DAP was super excited about this.  While we were known for offering top quality parts at great pricing, this harness was our first real internal product it, which we felt like was so unique and valuable.  Its pretty much been a hit since.

5.  Late January – We wired our car back to stock in preparation for making the new videos around functionality and our new harness.

6.  Feb 4th – We launched another plug and play no coding operation video because we didn’t feel like all the details were clear to most people.  We were still getting a lot of confusion around what it meant if you did and didn’t code and wire the car. Video Here

7. Feb 4th – We launched another coded version of the tail light operation.  Again this was to make things crystal clear.  Video Here

8.  Feb 4th – We launched another Tail Light only install video to improve on the previous one and to separate the wiring to prevent any confusion.  Video Here

9. Feb 4th – We launched our V1 harness install video.   This video has been taken down as its no longer applicable.

10.  March – April – We were able to develop a new harness which would offer a plug and play operation.  The version 1 DAP LED tail lights harness required pins to be moved in the vehicle.  This meant you needed to have special wire terminal tools to perform this install.  The harness worked great but we were trying to make it even easier.

11.  May 8 – We launch a video to talk about the new harness and explain how the install would be different.  This was in an effort to make things clear without shooting another install video…. it failed.  It didn’t connect well for most and left people with more questions. Video HERE

12.  June 16 – We launched our final LED Tail light related video.  A DIY to show people how to install our harness. Video HERE


This has been such an awesome journey.  Thank you so much to everyone who has been a part of it.  The community has received this product so well and I want everyone to know how much I appreciate it.

Paul Barrett


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on Part 8 (Euro LED Tail Lights) of the DAP MK7 GTI Build.
  1. Eric

    Hey Paul,

    Finally got a chance to install the rear LED light harness (latest harness) and also the fog light wire on my OEM LED tail lights I purchased from you about 6 months ago. I installed everything and followed the coding instructions supplied with each of the harnesses. The turn signals function fine however the fog light is not working. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Paul Barrett

      Did you purchase and install the fog light wire too?

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