Part 9 (Blind Spot Mirrors) of the DAP MK7 GTI Build

December 13, 2015

Aspherical Mirrors or commonly called Blind Spot Mirrors are a very popular addition for so many VW models, and the MK7 is no exception.  Mostly because they are very practical, who doesn’t want to have a better view of their blind spot on the highway?


How are Blind Spot Mirrors Different?

The standard mirror glass in the MK7 GTI is flat.  When you look at a Blind Spot mirror, the outer edge is curved.  The curvature of the outer edge of the mirror glass gives you a wider viewing angle, therefore cutting down on your blind spot.  The curvature of the outer edge is where the technical name aspherical comes from.  Take a look at the picture below that shows a comparison of the standard and aspherical glass side by side.


Are they tough to install?

These mirrors are pretty simple to install on the MK7 and most VW/Audi models would be similar.  The glass is just swapped in and out of the vehicle.  They pop in and out without any disassembly required.  The only thing that you really have to watch out for is breaking the new or old glass when installing.  The glass is flexible but has its limits, and once you pass them the glass will crack.  Take a look at the install video linked below which is a great DIY for MK7 Blind Spot mirrors.


OEM European Aspherical (Heated) Blind Spot Mirrors for MK7

Product on article page template mk7 blind spot


Here is a side view depicting how the Aspherical (Blind Spot) Glass is different from the stock mirrors

Mirror glass blind spot comparison MK7 gti-wm

Here is a Before and After picture with the stock MK7 Mirror VS the European Aspherical (Blind Spot) Mirror Glass.

Side by side mk7 blind spot mirrors


Here is a DIY video that shows you how to install these mirrors on a MK7 (Be careful because its easy to break the glass)

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on Part 9 (Blind Spot Mirrors) of the DAP MK7 GTI Build.
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