High Pressure Fuel Pump for 2.0T TSI VW and Audi Models

May 12, 2015

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The high pressure fuel pump (HPFP) on the Volkswagen TSI engine is mounted on the driver’s side of the cylinder head and is driven by the camshaft.  While the FSI engines had more common issues related to the High Pressure Fuel Pump the TSI has less.  Most commonly anyone not familiar with the difference between the TSI and FSI engine will find info about the high pressure fuel pump and cam follower issue on the FSI engine, and think this info applies the their TSI car.  This is not the case.  The 2.0T TSI engine uses a different cam follower and fuel pump than the FSI engine, and cam follower wear is not an issue on the 2.0T TSI.  Please see below for a picture of a VW TSI engine, we hope this helps in determining which engine you have in case you are unsure.

2.0t tsi



When the fuel pump fails on your 2.0T TSI engine you are likely to end up with faults relating to fuel pressure.  Possibly fault code P2293, which refers to the Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve (N276).  You also may experience the fault code P0087, which is fuel rail/system pressure too low.   Diagnosing this part can be complicated and you should consider have a VW or Audi specialist or dealer diagnose your issue to confirm that the High Pressure Fuel Pump is indeed bad on your 2.0T TSI engine.

tsi hpfp-



Please note the VW and Audi 2.0T TSI High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) has changed part numbers a few times, and it is important you get the most current version when replacing your pump.

Previous versions of this pump are 06H-127-025-P, 06H-127-025-N, 06H-127-025-M, 06H-127-025-K, 06H-127-025-G, 06H-127-025-E


The most current version of this 2.0T TSI High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) can be found HERE

2.0t TSI High Pressure Fuel Pump


We also have a great DIY on the High Pressure Fuel Pump HERE




We answered a question related to this on the AskDAP Show.  Take a look here


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on High Pressure Fuel Pump for 2.0T TSI VW and Audi Models.
  1. John Connolly


    2 years ago, we bought a used 2010 VW cc with 2.0T TSI engine with about 35K miles on it. It ran like a dream when we first bought it, great power and acceleration. Somehwere around 45K miles after about 6 months of owning the car, we started experiencing hesitations while accelerating from a stopped position. It was very noticeable accelerating up an incline, less noticeable on flat or downhill inclines. We have no check engine codes with this issue. I had the local VW dealer (Leith VW in Cary, NC) work on it since it was still under warranty. They felt it was related to the DSG Mechatronic unit and replaced it. That didn’t solve anything, problem still persisted. They then replaced the clutch pack since they felt the clutch was slipping. That didn’t seem to fix the issue either so they stated I had misfiring on #4 so they replaced the plugs and Coil #4. That probably helped the most but it would still hesitate. I bought 4 red Audi coils from Deutsche and replaced the stock black ones. That didn’t seem to make much difference. My wife typically drives the car in automatic and I notice it shifts typically within 1500 rpm for what I’d guess to be fuel economy reasons. Many times when I drive the car, I run it in tiptronic mode and can accelerate through the sensitive hesitation points. I’ve had Leith do some more work on it and they went ahead and pulled the intake manifold and cleaned the carbon off the valves. I now run 93 Octance only and occassionally, throw some seafoam into the gas tank. I’m tryng to figure out what’s next. I’ve read a number of your forums and they point to some of the same issues that I’ve had.. One more thing to mention. Occasionally, the engine stalls at low idle with a steering input. It stalls as though we forgot to push in the clutch on a manual transmission. My son’ 2011 GTI with manual transmission doesn’t show these issues. That engine seems to rev at higher rpm than our CC with DSG Transmission. Got any suggestions on what else we could look at? Reply when you get a chance. If you work on VW’s,would gladly bring it in for you to investigate this problem Once the car is in 4th gear and beyond, it runs awesome.

    • Paul Barrett

      It sounds like it might just be normal DSG operation but its really tough to say. You should consider bringing this to a VW specialist who knows the product well. They should be able to give you a definitive answer.

    • Santiago

      Hi John, Im having a very similar issue with my 2009 A4, the issue seems to be with a hot engine and it also happens with the s-tronic transmission in neutral, which I think indicates it’s an engine issue and no transmission. Reading on the posts it might be caused due the high pressure fuel pump integrated regulator delivering too much fuel. I’ve ordered a VCDS cable to help diagnosing this issue. Did you get it sorted out?

      • Paul Barrett

        Im sorry what specifically is your issue?

    • JetProfet

      I’ve done a bit of research and couldn’t find anything that had the exact same symptoms of my 09 GTI TSI with DSG. The car was puchased about a month ago and I’ve done about 1700 miles without any real issues until a couple of days ago. I was driving on the highway and hit about 80 miles per hour when I suddenly felt the acceleration lose boost and start to slow down. Then it picked up again so I didn’t think much of it. A couple minutes later it did the same but got worst to the point where I pulled over to the side and the car died. The check engine light came on at that point. I tried starting the car and after a couple of minutes of trying it started. I tried getting on the road again but after a couple of minutes the same thing happened and it once again died. This happened 5 more times before I was finally able to get the car home. I was thinking maybe it was the coil packs & spark plugs so I immediately ordered a new set. The following day I got the code reader and I got 4 faults:

      P0171 – Fuel Trim: System Too Lean Bank 1

      P2293 – Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve (N276): Mechanical Malfunction

      I got each of those codes twice for a total of 4 faults. Based on the research I’ve done it’s looking like it may be the High Pressure Fuel Pump. However, this started to happen when I was just under 1/4 gas tank which I started to think could also be the regular Fuel Pump in the tank. There’s an outside chance it may be the fuel pressure sensor too but I’m thinking that’s the least likely of them. I need a little guidance here as both parts are on the expensive side and I don’t want to do the wrong thing. Anyone ever have anything similar happen.

      Any help is fully appreciated. Thanks guys!

        • JetProfet

          Thanks Paul. I already ordered the high pressure fuel pump from you guys as it is the most likely culprit. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

          • Paul Barrett

            Thank you so much for the order. I appreciate it very much.

        • Andreas Sarris

          Hi Paul, I am having a similar problem, I still have a P0171 code after replacing HPFP, LPFP, and thrust sensor. The car does run a lot better after those replacements, but I have a persistent P0171 code and occasional fuel cuts. VCDS doesn’t show any other CEL and I am really lost as to what to do.

          • Paul Barrett

            Sounds like you have a vacuum leak

      • JetProfet

        Hi there Paul,

        So I was able to successfully install the new HPFP and my car had been running solid (about 300 miles) for about a week until today. Today, after shopping at a store, I returned to my car and started it. Upon starting, it idled weirdly for about 5 seconds and the check engine light came back on. It then idled normally right after. I was concerned so I put the code reader on. I was surprised to see code P2293 return. That was the only code this time (also had P0171 before changing the HPFP). I restarted the car a few more times but was unable to replicate the weird/rough idle. I drove home and the car performed just fine without any loss of power. Needless to say, I was confused. I revved it while in park and had no issue that I could see, hear, or feel. I cleared the code but I’m still more or less concerned. I was wondering if you have any ideas on what else it could be. Do you think it was just a fluke? Could the HPFP sensor be a factor? How about the diverter valve? It’s a 09 GTI with the TSI engine.


    hi, I have a 2008 jetta 2.0t tsi cbfa .I have replaced the hpfp the lpfp the fuel pressure sensor the intake manifold the pcv .but it is shutting off on me (the car that is). if I loosen the 17mm nut on the fuel line to release the pressure in the fuel rail the car will start only for a short time and then shuts off. It also has that cherpping sound coming from the engine bay. do you have any idea what it might be? I’m thinking the fuel injectors or a vacuum leak .
    Reply ·

  3. Chumley

    Hey Paul! I came across your website from a coworker. I am very impressed with this site and wished I knew about it beforehand.

    I’m the owner of a 2012 VW CC w/ the 2.0L TSI. I LOVE IT! Well, loved it. 2 weeks ago while traveling down the interstate my car lost half of its power and wouldn’t rev past 3,800 RPMs. I had my Vag-Com with me and ran a diagnostic on it from the side of the highway, and gave this error:

    ##########BEGINNING OF ERROR##########
    Address 01: Engine (CBF) Labels: 06J-907-115-CBF.clb
    Part No SW: 06J 906 027 FD HW: 06J 907 309 B
    Component: MED17.5.2 TFSI 2 3951
    Revision: PAH04— Serial number: VWZCZ000000000
    Coding: 040401081C070160
    Shop #: WSC 09210 444 12215
    VCID: 72EBEAF06DEFB8AE5B-8026

    1 Fault Found:
    000135 – Fuel Rail/System Pressure
    P0087 – 000 – Too Low – MIL ON
    Freeze Frame:
    Fault Status: 11100000
    Fault Priority: 0
    Fault Frequency: 1
    Reset counter: 255
    Mileage: 0 km
    Time Indication: 0

    Freeze Frame:
    RPM: 847 /min
    Load: 35.3 %
    Speed: 0.0 km/h
    Temperature: 105.0°C
    Temperature: 55.0°C
    Absolute Pres.: 980.0 mbar
    Voltage: 13.589 V

    Readiness: 0000 0000
    ##########END OF ERROR##########

    I limped my way back home (figured out rolling the gears yourself kept it from bogging down). When I shut it off and crank it back up , but it wouldn’t rev past 3800 rpms (this part is important for later). I noticed that when I opened the car door the fuel pump didn’t prime so I ordered a new OEM fuel pump (the revised part, not the original part #) from a competitor. I installed that, and it didn’t fix the problem. I found out about your site and I ordered part # 1T0-906-093-G, which is a revision of the fuel pump control module that was installed on my CC. Got it (fast shipping BTW), installed it, and the fuel pump primes now!!! I cleared all the engine codes with the Vag-Com and no more codes show up. However, now it’ll turn over and start, but quickly die. When I give it gas right after it cranks it’ll hesitantly rev up but then die. It’s acting like the MAF sensor (which is original to the car) is dirty or foul, but why would this give problems now? When I get home this evening I’m going to attempt to clean the MAF sensor with cleaner made for it.

    Could this be the HPFP too? Or the camshaft sensor I’m reading about?

    • Paul Barrett

      Its possible that you also have a HPFP Problem but its really tough to say for sure. The HPFP is probably the most likely cause.

      • Chumley

        Well, the plot thickens. Found out the fuel I received was tainted with diesel or kerosene…..oi vey.

  4. |

    Paul, I have a VW Jetta gli 2010 tsi few days ago began to have a fault, the time to move from a stoplight or pass a stop and step on the gas vigorously car loses power and shuts down and displays the fault code P 2293 concerning the fuel pressure could damage HPFP?

  5. JC

    Paul –

    Thanks for taking the time to help with everyone’s questions. I am hopeful you can offer me some insight as well.

    I have a 2012 VW GTI. Twice in the last week, my car has experienced the same issue. After running well/normal/smoothly for 30+ minutes, the car is parked for 10-30 minutes. When returning to the car, I started it, placed the car in reverse and the engine died. When trying to start the car, it would turn over and run for a few seconds with a very rough idle, then die. After approx 45 minutes, and trying to start the car 20-30+ times, the car finally cranked in both instances. The majority of the time the car starts and runs flawlessly. No check engine or other light ever came on. The battey, alternator and starter are all fine.

    After the first instance, I took the car directly to VW dealership. They checked it out (it didn’t throw any codes) and also did a fuel pressure test. They kept the car for 3 days and tried to replicate the problem unsuccessfully. They were incredibly nice, and even waived the diagnostic fee.

    Any thoughts here? It sounds like the engine wants to start but is having a tough time getting fuel. I am thinking fuel filter possibly? According to VW, these are never replaced on the MKVI GTI, but could it be the culprit? Or does it sound like something else?

    Thanks for any thoughts you may have.


  6. Danny Caldwell

    Hey guys, I have a 2011 cc tsi. Got to work just fine,but when I got off would not start. motor is spinning freely but I’m getting no fire or no fuel. Car has about 74,000

  7. Chris Chan

    Hey guys, quick question. What’s the sensor that is on top of the hpfp. I can not find the name of it on the Internet for the life of me. Thanks !!

  8. Bob Riggott


    My 09 Tiguan started losing power when pushed in passing situations, misfire and hesitation. At first I thought turbo issue but after some research it seems like cam follower? Took it to local parts place and had these codes.
    I’ve been babying it until I can get to a dealer or tech. Thoughts?

    Site is great by the way

  9. John

    My 2012 CC with 79k on it EPC’ed me yesterday, 2nd ignition cycle brought on the CEL, and it does not clear by shutting the car off. I had also noticed last year that my engine is a bit noisy at idle. I looked a some Duetch Auto videos and decided to pull the pump today. First I snapped the solenoid connector right off the fuel pump, then snapped a T30 bit off in the head of one of the pump bolts (later got it out). Pump and follower look fine. But I ordered a new pump and follower from you guys just now and should have it tomorrow.

    What else to check? Where is the fuel pressure sender and how to check it? Haven’t found that on line anywhere yet. I have a cell app code reader, but not VAG-COM.

    I am afraid I will have spent $350 on new parts and fixed nothing…..



  10. Monte

    I have a 2009 VW CC 2.0t, a few days ago on my way to work the car lost power like it was not getting fuel, but didn’t die.
    On my way home, the next day the car did the same thing but actually died on the freeway. I pulled over, took the key out, put it back in and it started right back up, no problems the whole way home. Yesterday it did the same thing, but now it is not starting, it turns over but will not fire. Does this sound like it could be a fuel pump problem or a fuel pump control module issue?
    I appreciate your help.

    • Paul Barrett

      This sounds fuel related but its tough to be certain which component specifically is failing without further diag.

  11. Martin Munoz

    Hello, I am having issues with my 2010 Volkswagen CC with the 2.0 Turbo. I’ve done much research but haven’t really seen anything like what is happening with my car.
    No fault codes. I’ve done a lot of diagnostics on the vehicle with no luck. It will crank and all electronics seem fine but it will not start. After 30 seconds of cranking it will give a small burp like it wants to start but then just go back to cranking.

    I have already switched the spark plugs, I pulled all 4 injectors and tested them outside the car. They all seemed fine. Purchased a new camshaft position sensor. When I pulled the fuel rail it seemed to have good fuel pressure. My obd2 readers says it has 75psi of fuel pressure and it drops to 55psi while cranking. (Not sure if this is normal or sufficient). Compression is good on the engine and it only has 60k miles. I cranked the engine without the spark plugs and while looking into the cylinder holes it seems like the injectors are not pulsing.

    I hope this is sufficient information for you to point me in the right direction. Please let me know if you have any idea what it could possibly be. Thank you for your time!

    • Martin Munoz

      I swapped the hpfp from my buddies 2.0tsi Gti today with the one in my CC and that is functioning as it should. CC still cranks and won’t start. The Gti started fine with the hpfp from the CC .. Now I’m completely out of ideas. Would this leave only the ecu to check?

  12. Ryan

    Hi Paul,

    First off thanks for running this great site … I have ordered a few things off DAP in the past.

    Anyway, I have a 2013 A4 with the 2.0 tfsi engine and I think I am having problems with the HPFP. I have no engine fault codes but In the past few months I have started to notice a fuel smell coming from my engine after turning off the engine and having it sit for a while. At this point I have narrowed it down to the HPFP I think.

    The reason why I think its the HPFP is that I noticed the smell coming from the back of the engine (longitudinal mounted engine in the A4) and when I was looking at the HPFP the other day I noticed a couple of small bubbles forming around the threads where the N276 valve threads into the body of the HPFP. I wiped my finger over the area and I could definitely tell from the smell it is fuel and the whole valve it self is somewhat dirty in what I assume is old fuel that dried up.

    Is this a somewhat normal occurrence or does this seem odd? Also Would be ok for me to just tighten up the threads on the N276 valve or is it advisable that I just replace the whole pump?

  13. Zack

    Hey I was wondering if you could relieve some stress I see the hpfp is relatively common to Haber issues. My 09 gli tsi had a low pressure fuel rail code when I got a Apr stage I tune. It ran fine for a while but started studying under acceleration at higher speeds. Now there is a cylinder 4 misfire code but the form rail code wont appear. Going to change plugs/packs buy was wondering if it could also be injector or FP related.

  14. Ronnie Bumgarner

    Hi. I bought a 2008 audi a4 2.0t and I get the p2293 code only. Replaced the high pressure pump and fuel pressure regulator and the car runs great but I still get the check engine light with a p2293 code. Any suggestions?

  15. Raymond

    Hi Paul,
    I have got a 2012. VW Tiguan 2L TSI , it is loosing power and consumer a lot of petrol.
    If you can help me with that it will really appreciate.

    Kind regards

  16. JImmy


    Love your videos, Love your site, and really happy with what you guys offer. I was about to purchase the HPFP for my 2012 gli 2.0t tsi, then saw Humble Mechanics Vid on LPFP and “heard” him say the HPFP may pull extra duty for the LPFP. My car has Codes P2293 AND P025C, It starts slow but OK, rpms well in neutral (6sp Man) and at low rpms runs OK, NOOOO power after 2k rpms, no power till shifting up again. Already swapped the Fuel pump control Module Thanks to your video 😉 . but no change in condition. What do you recommend? Please help, I wanna purchase the correct pump from you guys.


    • Paul Barrett

      Its likely to be the high pressure pump but its tough to know without further diagnosis.

  17. Brian

    First off, great site with a lot of needed info!
    I have a question regarding my 2008 Passat (TSI/CCTA engine). A few weeks ago, out of the blue, the car started to have a long crank time on startup. It’s bad in the mornings, but can be any time I turn off the car. It idles rough for a few seconds, then runs fine.
    Last night I pulled the codes and got P2293, P0087, and B2AAA. Would the long crank time be a sign of the low pressure fuel pump in the tank going bad, or do you think it’s the HPFP that’s causing both issues?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Paul Barrett


      Glad to hear. The issue you’re describing could be the low or high pressure pump. You will have to dive in deeper on the diag side to determine which one it is.

  18. Omar Martinez

    I have a Manual 2011 VW GTI. I was driving through Barstow California about 110 degrees outside and a quarter tank of gas. I was in between shifts when my car when my car broke down. It felt like the car was stuck in neutral and the engine was shutting down. I got a check engine light, ECS and battery indicator. After about 20 minutes i was able to get the car to start and drove it near by shop. The local mechanic told me it is my fuel regulator and deleted the engine code. Now i dont know if it is my HPFP or Fuel Pump Module. Any way i could trouble shoot it

  19. Scott Harrison

    Thank you thank you thank you!! I found this page just in time! Almost bought the in-tank pump also but now I am a little more secure with purchasing just the HPFP and solving my p2293 code. Great site, keep up the great work!!

    • Paul Barrett

      Thanks for the feedback. Glad we could help. We also can help with parts too… like that HPFP ; )

  20. Richard Rader

    Could the HPFS cause me to be burning 2 quarts of oil a week? I have a 2007 gti 2.0t with 108k on it got it from a buddy of mine he said it burned about .5 quarts a month but he hardly drove it. Since I have had it it can go thru 2 quarts a week depending g on how much driving I am doing. I also notice when I engage the turbo for the first time of the day I get a huge cloud of black smoke comi.g out the tail pipe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  21. Gilbert

    I have a 2010 Passat that keeps cutting out. Its having the typical problem that I keep reading.. its runs briefly then will cut out, but will start back up after a couple of cranks, only to cut out again. I have tried changing the HPFP but that didn’t work. Then saw a forum that said to change the crank sensor.. that didn’t work. I have now tried changing the actual fuel pump in the tank.. and that did not work. I am out of ideas.. Any clue what it could be?

  22. Robert

    Hey Paul. Thanks for a great site and helpful videos. I just bougght a 2012 CC R series about a month and a half ago. Been looking at the CC’s for a while and finally found what I thought was a good deal. It has 75000 miles and is my wifes daily driver.Last week she called me and said the EPC light came on and the car lost power. Then a little later the Check engine light came on. The car is very slugish and today when she cranked it it died when she put it in gear. She cranked it again and before she could even get it in gear it died again. I purchased the ross tech VCDS and get the P0087 code. I got home and cranked the car and gave it alot of gas to keep it running and was able to move the car but it was still very slugish. I ran the fuel pressure test mentioned in the video. The results were – Group 106 the load was 65.1%, Group 140 showed 9.29 bar at idle, and group 230 shows field 2 at 730 and field 3 at 1023. I purchased a HPFP but now I am concerned that may problem may be the lift pump in the tank. What are your thoughts? which one do you think is more likley the problem?


      HPFP fixed the problem!

  23. Ben

    2012 vw tiguan, 2.0 TSI. 84,000 miles. Zero issues until today. At first it wouldn’t start but after cranking a while she started for a few seconds at a time. Finally it was able to idle without giving it any gas. I was able to get it to the parts store to scan it but it had severe power loss check engine light and epc light on. The codes it has are p2293, p0300, p0301, p0302, p0303, p0304, p0506 and p0087. Any insight would be much appreciated. I will be taking it by the dealer tomorrow for a full diagnostic if I can’t figure something out. I’m only a humble helicopter mechanic, I don’t possess the voodoo necessary to find an answer yet. Any help would be much appreciated.

  24. Murilo

    Dear Paul,
    I live in Brazil and have a Jetta 2.0 TSI 2011.
    My car present fault when in strong accelerations, when the car are after 6000 rpm, feel like him lose some force before shift gear and the EPC fault appear.
    If i use VW VCDS two codes is shown: P0087 and P2294.
    If i use Torque PRO APP in cell phone : P2293 only
    Using a gauge in the tank fuel pump in this condition the pressure is not less than 6 bar.
    The most probability is a High Pressure Fuel Pump or High Pressure Sensor or High Pressure Relief Valve?
    How I can discover what the component with the real problem without lose money changing everything?



  25. Jeff Holland

    I have a 2011 Audi a4 tfsi. It hesitates between 2000-2800 rpm. After 3000 rpm feels normal. Finally got a misfire code in 3 of the cylinders and fuel regulator valve open. Took it to dealer they said plugs and coil packs. I replaced with audi parts. Little to no improvement. NO CEL but happens all the time, especially when warm outside. It seemed to subside for a month or two but now is back. Should I look at carbon on intake valves (91,000 miles) DV value, fuel pump? Any suggestions appreciated. Hate to pay $700 to have intake manifold pulled if that is not the issue.

  26. steve jea

    hi paul “the vw,audi expert”
    i’m owned small garage at fairfax ,va.

    my question is…
    08 passat 2.0t tsi has code : p12a2 and p0171.
    so i replaced

    1.fuel pump
    2.intake manifold with gasket
    3.fuel regulator
    4.hpfp ….

    but still have p12a2 and p0171.
    any idea you have?
    please help me.
    i spent(not customer paid,only customer paid pump.rest of the pump, i paid)

    if you can help, i glad….

  27. Stephanie

    Hey Paul! I have a 2012 CC and had some of the same issues with acceleration as the others, to the point of having no acceleration and having to have my car towed. The dealership said the fuel pump control unit and the fuel pump needed to be repaired. Is that normal for a car so new? The car has 62k miles on it and we are the 2nd owner. Thank you for any help!

  28. Evan R

    Hey Paul,
    I picked up a p2188 rich at idle bank 1. Im using eurodyne software which I can check codes with. I have seen possible hpfp or lpfp associated with this code. The car idles a little rough, and is definitely down on fuel mileage, which actually leads me to believe it might be a bad o2 sensor. Without the code telling me sensor 1 or 2 though, I don’t know which it would be. Any ideas on all this mess?

    • Evan R.

      I also forgot to add that I’ve lost 4-5 mpg, and the oil has a gas smell which tells me it could be the hpfp. Then again I guess it could be an injector, etc. This is on a 2013 GTI

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