High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) 2.0T FSI  

May 12, 2015

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2.0t FSI High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) Here

2.0t FSI High Pressure Fuel Pump


The High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) has had some issues on the FSI (Pictured below).  This is most often related to damage done to the HPFP after the cam follower wears through.  When the follower wears through the tip of the high pressure fuel pump will ride directly on the lobe of the intake camshaft damaging both the high pressure fuel pump and the cam shaft.  As the FSI are now getting a little higher mileage on them we have seen failure of the N276 which is an electronically controlled regulating valve in the fuel pump.  The N276 is not a serviceable part and can only be replaced by purchasing the entire high pressure pump.

2.0 FSI engine


If you have faults relating to the N276 or other high pressure fuel pump faults, you should always inspect your FSI High pressure fuel pump, cam follower and camshaft lobe to ensure no further damage exists.  This is always the easiest way to verify you do, or do not have an issues mechanically with this pump.  Please note that if your high pressure pump has become damaged you should not attempt to re-install it to try and see if you can get away with not replacing it.  Failing to do this could potentially mean damaging any new parts in the system, or even major engine failure if the pump breaks apart sending metal shards through the engine.

fsi hpfp-


Please note there have been multiple revision of this VW and Audi High Pressure Fuel Pump.  You should make sure when purchasing a HPFP you get the most current version.

Previous Part Numbers 06F-127-025-L, 06F-127-025-K, 06F-127-025-J, 06F-127-025-H

You will find the most current and updated version of this VW and Audi 2.0T FSI High Pressure Fuel Pump HERE


A great video about how this 2.0T FSI HPFP Fails. 


This video will show you how to remove and install the 2.0T FSI High Pressure Pump

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on High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) 2.0T FSI  .
    • Scott

      MY 2007 GTI is very low on power at low RPM’s. Will not hardly move will full throttle. Once it finally does start creeping forward it will start to accelerate at rpm’s over 3000 but still pretty poorly. I am getting the P2293 Fuel Pressure Regulator 2 Performance code. The car has about 140,000 miles. I checked the cam follower, some of the black coating is worn off but the metal looks good. DO you think it is likely the HPFP is bad even without any physical damage or should be looking elsewhere? I do see a few scratches on the cam lobe but it does not to look to bad. Thanks,

      • Paul Barrett

        Sounds like it could be a bad high pressure or low pressure pump

    • Juan

      hello, my axx 2005 with 06f127025b gives low pressure failure undercarriage with p1063 error could be the high pump?

  1. harry

    Hallo how do i know its the high pressure fuel pump or the turbo the car revs and all but dont want to go into boost so how do i now if its 10f them what must i check for

    • Paul Barrett

      You should start by inspecting the cam follower.

  2. Norman

    Does faulty hpfp drain fuel in oil , and rattle (whistling) at high rpm 4500-to max

  3. Clayton Kaybee

    Paul Barrett

    I am driving an MK5 GTi having poor acceleration from gear 1 and 2, The fault started after breaking the downpipe and later lost power, i have changed the exhaust system, DV on the turbo and just to realize the FSI pump was damaged, i changed the FSI pump and cam sensor but still has no power, no new errors appear on the scan, i have no idea what could be the problem now. Please assist here on what to check more as i changed the timing belt 5 months ago… timing looks all perfect.

    • Paul Barrett

      If the fuel pump was damaged, did you replace the intake cam, fuel pump and follower?

  4. |

    Just learned why my car is not working no power no boost although I get boost sometimes I’m shore my cam follower has worn through for ages iv bin trying to find a boost leak !!!!! Think my cams must b damaged by now how can I tell should I just replace everything if my cam follower has worn through or can I just get away with replacing the follower?? Is it expensive? That would suck as I’m ment to be going to Santa pod next month . Thanks for the info tho Deutsch autoparts fond it so useful.

  5. |

    Hi I just noticed that im my gas consumption just went to the roof. Im driving normally not flooring it but still get high consumption. I was driving yesterday for 3km and the computer just took 20kms off it. I was wondering if its just the weather because atm its like 30degrees celcius here or maybe its something else. I wouldappreciate your reply thank you

  6. Kenny

    Hello, I have 2008 VW Jetta Wolfsburg 2.0T FSI BPY. Just started to get a low fuel rail pressure code. This will occur at full throttle acceleration when allowing to shift at redline. At same time this check engine light started I am also noticing a longer than normal crank time when starting car on cold start. Just started out of the blue. Car only has 32,000 miles on it. Replaced the cam follower and upgraded to APR HPFPs at aprox. 20,000mi. Oil was just changed and car was running wonderful. I’ve noticed a little surging under acceleration otherwise everything seems to be running as should be. No boost leaks. Will be checking cam follower and replacing low pressure fuel sender in HPFPs as my next action. I did run a fuel pressure log and during normal driving all is well however during full throttle acceleration I was getting a deviation from the called for pressure and actual pressure. What would cause this and what should I do to fix. Again 08 BPY w APR K04 flash, non APR k04 turbo upgrade with all nessessary upgrades such as S3 injectors, APR HPFPs etc. Thx

  7. Evelyn


    Maybe you can help me. I have a 2013 Beetle. Since I purchased it in about 6 month later the car started giving me this problem. When I hit the gas to move, not too fast, it kind holds back like if it want to turn off but since I am giving it gas i will not turn off. It feels like if a gas hose was pinched and the car didn’t get enough gas. Also sometime out of the blue the engine will turn off. Most of the time this happens when I am in a red light or when I am about to move when all of a sudden it dies. I have taken it to the dealership, but because it doesn’t happen with them, nothing is done about it. I have been dealing with this for 2 years 1/2 now. I am afraid to drive it because it has turn off while I am exiting a parking lot to a main street. Do you have an idea what might be causing this?

    • Paul Barrett

      It sounds like you need to leave it with them for long enough to duplicate.

  8. Debi

    Is there a test for the HiPressure fuel pump I can do. Just replaced the cam shaft follower, the pump looked ok.


  9. Jeffrey

    Hello. I have a 2009 Audi A4. Question, will a bad fuel pump cause a loud noise? I just brought the car less than a month ago I am just now noticing the noise. It currently has 74xxx miles

  10. Sifiso

    Hello. I drive vw golf mk5 1.6 fsi . I’m recently experiencing problems with the power and jerking of the car. It shows EPC And battery light when trying to pull over 3000 rpm . Got it scanned and it have the camshaft sensor malfaction. Changed the camshaft position sensor but still experienced the same problem. Could it be that the fuel pump is damaged or any other idea of what it could be?

  11. Igor

    Hi, what could cause fuel leak on HPFP at sensor ? Is it fixable without replacing whole pump ?

    • Paul Barrett

      never heard of this issue before but you should inspect the area where its leaking to see if there are any serviceable parts in that area

  12. Andrew

    09 2.0 TSI turbo Jetta
    Hello my absolute fuel rail pressure sensor is only showing about 80 psi at Crank up, would this lean more towards high-pressure pump or low pressure pump . No codes thrown for fuel rail pressure or pump performance. Called all three dealerships in my area nobody can give me start up fuel rail pressure or idle rail pressure spec.

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