Intake Manifold Runner Control (IMRC) Motor for FSI (P2015)

April 16, 2015

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2.0t FSI (IMRC) Intake Flap Motor

FSI 2.0t Intake Flap Motor


We are starting a new segment of short articles that offer quick help tips on some what common issues on the more popular VW and Audi Engines.  This one is the about this intake control motor on the 2.0T FSI engine.


The IMRC motor control flaps inside the intake manifold which control the direction of air depending on the request from the engine.  Most commonly when the IMRC fails the motor will intermittently bind up or get stuck.  This can cause a check engine light with the following fault codes, P2004 (Intake Manifold Flap; Bank 1: Stuck Open) or P2015 (Intake Manifold Flap Position Sensor (Bank 1): Implausible Signal).  Often times this code can be cleared or erased but will likely come back in time.  The only way to replace this would be to replace the intake flap motor on your VW or Audi 2.0T FSI.

Flap Motor


This part is mounted on the driver’s side of the intake manifold, and has been updated with a newer version.  When replacing this part you should set the basic settings of this part with a scan tool after the install, to ensure proper operation.  Be sure you are getting the most current version of this part here.

2.0 FSI engine


The 2.0T FSI engine (Shown Above) can be found in the following models. 

Audi – A3 – 8P 2006-2008 – 2.0 Turbo FSI
VW – GTI – MK5 2006-2008 – 2.0 Turbo FSI
VW – Jetta – MK5 2005.5-2008 – 2.0 Turbo FSI
VW – Passat – B6 2006-2008 – 2.0 Turbo FSI


We are planning to make these articles a regular thing, and would love your feedback.  Feel free to leave your comments below.

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on Intake Manifold Runner Control (IMRC) Motor for FSI (P2015).
  1. kobel meebari

    I have a 2.0 FSI Passat 2008 model it has a fault shown on the cambi instrument saying EPC break packing fault and I have changed my master cylinder as well as the ABS system and the fault is still there i don’t know what to do please advise

    • Paul Barrett

      You will need to have this properly diagnosed as thats not enough info to even guess what the issue is. Good luck I hop you resolve your issue.

  2. Edward Abrahams

    I have a 2013 Audi Q3 2tFSi.
    The car idles uneven, and the engine management light came on. The technician checked it and said it is the intake manifold flaps. It makes a whizz sound as well, and when it idles the revs go up and down.
    Audi Services says it does not normally give problem (more exactly they have never heard of this), but I need to buy the whole manifold as the flaps does not come separately.

    Please advise.

  3. |

    I’m in the exact Same position as edward above, codes read manifold flaps stuck open car has a rough idle and a roooom every few gear changes, thing is I had Audi pute a new manifold a moter on less than 6 months ago I’m abit disappointed a stressed, trouble is that 6 months ago it was standerd car but now i have the following de cat induction kit a gfb d.v with a stage 1 plus’s remap just over 250bhp. Do you think that because its tuned the flaps cannot hack it? What can I do I dont want to replace it for it to just break again? Was looking around internet a came across apr flap blanking plates what do you think? Please help

  4. |

    Love all you detailed videos this site is awesome you guys make it look so easy, total professionals managed to do a whole lot off work on my car so thankyou, wish you wer in England please get back to me on the manifold flaps thanks callum

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