MK7 Cabin Filter DIY Replacement Video

June 7, 2016

The cabin filter protects the interior of your vehicle from outside contaminants. On the MK7 the service interval for the Cabin (Pollen) filter is every 20k miles. We shot a video showing you how to replace this filter in your vehicle. We also have included links to the different versions of cabin filters available for your MK7 model. We appreciate your support very much. Your purchases help support us making videos just like this one for the VW community.

MK7 GTI Service Schedule

MK7 Activated Charcoal Cabin Filter

MK7 Cabin Filter


MK7 Cabin Filter

MK7 Cabin Filter


How to install the Cabin Filter on a MK7 GTI (this would be the same on the all MK7 models)

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