MK7 GTI VAG-COM Coding for Remote Roll Down Windows

October 15, 2014

Please note when performing this coding on your vehicle the pinch protection will not be active when rolling up your windows via remote.

If you don’t have a VCDS or VAG COM cable you can use this OBDeleven which is a less expensive alternative

OBDeleven a Vagcom Alternative

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The video above is a demonstration of what you will accomplish with the coding steps listed below.
Begin by clicking on “Select Control Module”
 photo Capture_zps73214a7a.png
Next, open “09-Cent. Elect.”
 photo Capture2_zps132efb74.png
Then open the “Security Access” window.
 photo Capture3_zps36fca5df.png
Once in the “Security Access” window, type in the security code “31347” and click “Do It!”
 photo Capture4_zpsaa98633b.png
From there, you will need to open “Adaptation – 10”
 photo Capture5_zpsa3bf0777.png
Click on the “Channel” drop down and select “(2)-Access control 2-Comfort opening
 photo Capture6_zps8a0d6b01.png
When you get into this window you will see the “Stored value” should say “not active”, open the “New value” drop-down and select “Active
 photo Capture7_zps22d4940f.png
Once it has been changed to “Active” click “Do It!”
 photo Capture8_zps62c88759.png
A new window will pop up asking you to confirm the change, click “Yes“.
 photo Capture9_zps7271bceb.png
Once you click “Yes” the computer will re-read the channel to confirm the change, click “OK“, once the window closes the “Stored value” should be changed to “active”.
 photo Capture10_zps270f85ee.png
The next step is to open the drop-down and select “(3)-Access control 2-Comfort closing
 photo Capture11_zpsb4803ebb.png
Again we will change the “New value” to “active
 photo Capture12_zps923641c4.png
Click “Do It!
 photo Capture13_zpsb7397b26.png
Confirm the change by clicking “Yes“,
 photo Capture14_zps5d78af4f.png
and reload the channel by clicking “OK
 photo Capture15_zpsc94da607.png
The next step is to select “(7)-Access control 2-Funk Komfort oeffnen” from the drop-down.
 photo Capture16_zps12008a2f.png
Select “Active
 photo Capture17_zpse8d6cb68.png
Click “Do It!
 photo Capture18_zps4eccfd64.png
Confirm the changes by clicking “Yes
 photo Capture19_zps67ce633b.png
Click “OK
 photo Capture20_zps7f179de9.png
Select “(6)-Access control 2- Funk Comfort schliessen
 photo Capture21_zpsd7a79b80.png
Change the “New value” to “active
 photo Capture22_zps8299c893.png
Click “Do It!
 photo Capture23_zpsce3d7371.png
Confirm the change by clicking “Yes
 photo Capture24_zps8e941830.png
Click “OK
 photo Capture26_zps15a79aa5.png
Select “(27)-Access control 2-Menuesteurung Komfortbedienung einstellbar
 photo Capture27_zps89a09637.png
Change “New value” to “Adjustable”
 photo Capture28_zps35a646cc.png
Click “Do It!
 photo Capture29_zpsdd6f57b2.png
Confirm the change by clicking “Yes
 photo Capture30_zps74d44219.png
Click “OK“, and exit out of the program.
 photo Capture31_zps17933592.png
Once the above coding is complete, go in to the “Car” menu on your head unit. and click the “Vehicle Settings” button in the lower right corner.
 photo 33_zps29af357b.jpg
When you’re in the “Vehicle settings” menu, press the  “Open and close” button.
 photo 34_zps25c5ff3c.jpg
You will see that there is a new menu option for “Window operation” open the drop down,
 photo 35_zps9d98979c.jpg
Change the setting to whichever you prefer.
 photo 36_zps73da5f12.jpg
We chose “All windows
 photo 37_zpsce7f1db0.jpg
Once you’ve chosen your setting you’re all set!
 photo 38_zpsb4e96767.jpg
Max Wobbles


Owner of a MKV GTI in a perpetual state of disrepair (It'll be done eventually)


on MK7 GTI VAG-COM Coding for Remote Roll Down Windows.
  1. jeremiah

    hey i tried doing this on a customers car and when i got to the steps envolving activation of number (7) access control funk komfort oeffnen and after that it said not supported and would not let me change to active so when i pull the car menu and the car head unit the options for the windows does not appear. am i missing something? any help would be awesome

  2. Ron Van Dusseldorp

    Will this coding procedure be the same for a MK5 GTI ?

  3. Ron Van Dusseldorp

    Thanks Paul, worked perfectly windows via remote “sweet”
    ” And on the 7th day god created VAGCOM.

  4. Andrew McMahon

    How do I get this to work on a 2016 golf sportwagen s? The security access code (31347) listed here does not work for this car.

    • Paul Barrett

      Im sorry we dont have any info on this for that model.

  5. Shawn

    Will this work on a MK7 Golf?

    • Paul Barrett

      We have not tested but we suspect it would be similar on a Golf

  6. Andrew McMahon

    Awesome work guys! Works as shown! Just had to download new rosstech software to get into menus on 16′ sportwagen. 1 question, is 1 touch lock and roll up not an option ( like on my mkiv)?? Kinda sucks to havev to hold it to roll them up

    • Ned Hodgson


      I have remote roll-up on my mkiv as well, but it required the installation of an aftermarket window controller. It is not a function I gained by reprogramming the ECU. You may have the same thing installed – if so, it’s wired into your driver’s side door. Mine is made by Alientech, but iirc they’re out of business.

      Pretty sure the method above is the only current option for MKVII drivers.

  7. Viken

    I have a mk7 gti 2016 my car come with the settings in the system I put all windows and it won’t do it

  8. cedup

    works GREAT! Roof also opens with windows, in tilt mode, closes with windows perfect. Great for hot summer as you approach car, it’s vented when you arrive!

  9. Dave

    Greetings Paul,
    Since I don’t have access to a VAG-CON programmer, could I use the newly announced OBDeleven Pro Scan Tool to accomplish this programming? Can I program it via the individual steps you’ve listed here, or do I have to use credits in the OBDeleven app to run their one click programming macro for the windows mod?

      • Dave

        Thanks Paul, the OBDeleven worked perfectly with the VAGCON steps listed above. No app credit was needed.
        FWIW, on my 2 door 16 GTI SE with this keyfob remote mod, the sunroof closes with the windows and tilts up when the windows are opened.

        • Paul Barrett

          Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate it.

  10. John

    With the remote, is it possible to fully open the sunroof on a US 2016 GTI without the sunroof already tilted? Great site! Thanks.

  11. Elsido Pereyra

    I have a mk7 us spec..the adaptation Chanel are all in German and I’d # are different also noticed bag come software was old when this was published?

  12. Ryan Kim

    I just purchased obdeleven and followed this step for 2016 gti,
    But it just doesn’t work. Everything else like euro tail, refuel quantity, +10 etc work perfectly.
    After coding, I was trying to buy this coding from app and it says value not changed..
    what can I do from here?

    • Paul Barrett

      did you change the info in your infotainment screen as shown at the bottom of this?

  13. |

    My ASC VW mechanic wasn’t able to get this to work with his VAG-COM? I’m in the US Tx. With a 2015 GTI S w/DCC and Sport Package?

    Need help


  14. Curt

    This worked perfectly using my OBDEleven on my 2016 MK7 R. No credits needed, great product.

  15. Mnflycaster

    Thanks! Worked on my 2017 golf sportwagen!

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