Most Memorable and Funny VW Commercials

March 10, 2014
We thought it might be fun to bring all the funny VW Commercials to one place.  Since there are so many out there we thought we would break it up into something we release every few weeks for everyone to check out.  Don’t see one of your favorites?  Send us an email to with a link to a Volkswagen Commercial you would like us to share next time.
One of our all time favorites…. We think its a little too taboo for VW to have made it

A Very funny MK7 Golf GTD Commercial

Another Funny MK7 Golf GTD Commercial

The MK5 Jetta TDI Clean Diesel Commercial….. “What does your hybrid sound like?”

The MK6 Jetta Sedan Bad Dod Commercial

An Oldy but a goody.  The VW MK5 GTI Unpimp the Auto Commercial Compilation


VW MK2 GTI Commercial

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