Part 10 (Mirror Caps) of the DAP MK7 GTI Build

January 24, 2016

In the pursuit of uniqueness everyone wants to find something that they can do to their vehicle to make if their own.  We are no different.  For me the choice to go with carbon fiber was based on the contrast between our paint scheme.  The carbon fiber being dark was a great way to set it off against the white paint of our MK7 GTI.


In terms of options other there we only have 2 for the MK7 platform which are the aftermarket carbon fiber caps or the OEM European imported Aluminum look caps.  The Euro Aluminum caps are especially popular with the MK7 Golf R crowd as in Europe the MK7 Golf R came with these caps from the factory.


Carbon Fiber MK7 Mirror Caps

mk7 carbon fiber mirror caps


European OEM Aluminum Mirror Caps

MK7 Golf R European Aluminum Mirrors


Here is a DIY which will show you how to install mirror caps on our MK7 GTI


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on Part 10 (Mirror Caps) of the DAP MK7 GTI Build.
  1. Alan

    Have you ever done a video on the unlocking of the center console in a 2016 Golf R? I am on the verge of buying an R and will be ordering the aluminum mirror caps. Thanks!

    • Paul Barrett

      Im sorry we have not. Congrats on the soon to be new car and thank you so much for considering us.

  2. Jim tinez

    Just got on your toobvidz anjoo got it goin on bro… thanx for all the techinfo 2. Got my16 R in nov @ 1K now and I may be doin all the chilli stuff you got goin… Good werk~~~

    • Paul Barrett

      Thanks glad you like, and hope it was helpful.

  3. Alec

    Just as an FYI – the links are broken on this page for the “Buy Now” images.

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