Part 13 (Tuning Software) of the DAP MK7 GTI Build

February 2, 2016

Tuning software is the lowest of the low hanging fruit when it comes to modifying a MK7 GTI.  This gives you the best bang for your buck as far as Horsepower per $ spent.  Check out our Dyno video at the bottom of this page to see the real world results of our MK7 tune.


Choosing which software to go with can be a tiresome search that to be completely honest is a waste of time and energy.  All reputable companies who make software for these vehicles are going to net similar power and driveability results.  There are a few things that from my perspective people tend to miss when buying software.


Uniconnect Cable for MK7 and Audi 8V


Things to consider when selecting tuning software.

  • Distributor – Make sure you have a reputable local distributor of the software you chose.  You might need to make changes or get support from them so convenience and reliability are going to be a factor here.  This is less important if you plan to use software you are going to install and maintain on your own (Ex Uni Connect)
  • Features of the product – The larger tuners offer your a turn key program that has been properly vetted.  Going with a tune that has adjustability could mean having to work through bugs on your own if you don’t want to work through things like this you shouldn’t consider one of these tunes.
  • Warranty Implications – We put out a video with a lawyer talking about the Magnuson Moss act which is commonly talked about as protection from warranty claim denial.  Video HERE
  • Modification Plans – Everyone has different plans for their vehicle, since that is true the tuning software you install on your MK7 should be able to be upgraded as you go.  So if you just want to go Stage 1 and leave it or go wild and do a big turbo.  Having options could save you in the future.


Here are the Dyno Numbers Put down by our MK7 GTI with a Stage 1 + Unitronic Tune

MK7 GTI Tuning Software


Why did we go with Unitronic Software?

Most importantly because we are a Unitronic dealer, and its important for us to know the product we offer to our customers.  But we became a Unitronic dealer because I felt good about the product and support offered by the brand.


How Can I Install a Performance Tune on my Own?

Unitronic is one of the few vendors that offers you the ability to tune your own car.  The Uni Connect allows you to install performance software on your own.  This means you can install the tuning software as well as put your vehicle back to stock in the comfort of your own garage.


What Kind of Power Should I Expect?

The MK7 is such an awesome platform when it comes to tuning.  The Unitronic numbers at the crank on the MK7 are +100hp and +89lbft of torque.  Compared to every previous GTI model those numbers are insane.


Will it void my warranty?

This simple answer to this question is yes any modification to your vehicle has the potential to void your warranty.  It has become even more of a debate now that many dealers are offering software.  One thing to keep in mind that no matter who installs performance software on your vehicle it has the potential to have warranty issues.  Keep in mind the dealer does not back the warranty on your vehicle, VW or Audi of America does.  If this is an important topic for you have you want to understand all the intricacies of this take a look at this video.  Video HERE


Take a look here to see what our Dyno Numbers were like on our MK7 GTI

Mods for this Dyno – Unitronic Stage 1+, VWR Cup Intake



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on Part 13 (Tuning Software) of the DAP MK7 GTI Build.
  1. Jason

    Just curious, the numbers you are reporting from your tune don’t match up with any of the numbers reported from the tunes you offer on your site. Did you have to do anything custom to get those numbers or is it simply the difference between the MK6 vs. MK7 engine?

    • Paul Barrett

      I need you to be a little more specific so I can properly explain but the MK6 and MK7 are going to have vastly different results from tuning.

      • Jason

        First, please don’t take my question as calling you out in any way, I’m simply curious as to how I can recreate the numbers you are producing with a system that I can essentially turn back to stock for times when I need to bring it in for service. One competitor in particular makes great numbers but you are not able to bring it back to stock on your own which is a huge knock against going with them. The ability to flash a tune and go back to stock is extremely important to me.

        Second, I didn’t realize that the “stock” numbers included the intake. That very well could account for the disconnect in numbers that I’m seeing, although that would mean that the intake is adding on a decent amount of torque that I wouldn’t expect an intake to produce. It’s just odd that with an intake you are producing almost as much hp and more torque at the wheels than the published numbers from VW at the crank.

        Anyway let me try to explain what I was originally getting at. I’m assuming you are using Part Number 20T-TSI-STG1Plus for your tune. I’m also going to assume that the numbers posted on that product page are for an MK6. The numbers posted on that product page state an additional 60hp & 88lbft which comes out to 260hp/295lbft. However, your dyno results are stating 282hp/325lbft which is an increase of 22hp/30lbft over the MK6 numbers. Is that increase attributed to the intake, the difference in the engine/tuning from MK6 v. MK7, or a combination? Also, will this work on vehicles with a build date after March 2015 with the encrypted ECU?

        Thanks in advance for your reply. I’m here to learn and this site and your videos have been invaluable.

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