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October 5, 2016



Project MK5 Episode 1 – We build the bottom end on our 2.0t FSI engine

When building a big turbo vehicle its very important to get the engine ready for the additional power you are getting ready to put down.  In this episode we talk about building the bottom end of our 2.0t FSI engine.  We go over upgrading connecting rods and piston and why this is important for our build.  Check out the video below.


Parts Talked about in this Video

JE 2.0t FSI Piston for VW and Audi

2.0t FSI Integrated Engineering Pistons

Integrated 2.0t FSI Connecting Rod Set

IE Connecting Rod Set for 2.0t FSI


ARP Main Studs for 2.0t FSI

ARP Main Bearing Cap Studs for FSI

Calico Coated Main Bearings for 2.0t FSI

Calico Coated Main Bearings for 2.0t FSI


Calico Coated Rod Bearings for 2.0t FSI

Calico Coated Rod Bearings for 20t





Project MK5 Episode 2 – We install the cylinder head and time up our engine



Head Studs for 2.0t

VW 2.0t ARP Cylinder Head Studs



Upgraded Valve Springs for 2.0t FSI

2.0t FSI Upgraded Valve Springs for VW and Audi


2.0t FSI Supertech Intake Valves



2.0t FSI Supertech Exhaust Valves



2.0t FSI Cam Cradle Hardware




Project MK5 Episode 3 – We Install the Turbo Exhaust Manifold and Intake Manifold

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