Your Jetta or GTI MK5 Door Harness Replacement 1K5-971-120-H and 1K5-971-120-G

August 13, 2013

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The door harness wearing on your VW Jetta, GTI or Rabbit may be causing you weird issues that will be all related to your drivers door. What most commonly happens is the wiring cracks at the door hinge. This is pretty simple to check for. You can remove the boot at the door hinge on the drivers side(see below for how to) and check to see if your wires are broken, frayed or showing chafing of any kind. If you find any of these issues you will know for certain that the door harness on the drivers front door is responsible for your issues. It is commonly known the original harness is shorter than the new harness, and the parts we offer are the updated version of this drivers front wire harness.


Common Symptoms of the Drivers Door Harness Failing

• Sporadic (Intermittent) problems with the window switch on the drivers front door. This means you may not be able to roll up the window on other doors with the drivers side switch, but when the other window switches are used the window will operate properly. Please note this could also be a window switch issue which is why you should check if the wires are broken.

• Sporadic (Intermittent) problems with the drivers door. This might read with the door being open when it is not and or the door showing to be shut when it is open. This also could be an issues related to the drivers front door latch assembly which is why you should always check to see if the wires in your drivers front door jamb are cracked or cracking.

• Sporadic (Intermittent) problems with the operation of any electrical switch on your drivers side door. This could include the mirror switch or door lock switch, as well as any lighting on that door. While the 2 above issues are more common there is no way to be sure which wires may crack in this harness. Therefore you should always check them.



There are a few different replacement harness’ for these models and they ARE NOT interchangeable. Please contact us with your Vin number if you are not sure which one you need.


For Volkswagen Jetta and GTI (4door) MK5

2005.5 – 2006 – 2007 – 2008 – 2009 – 2010


Most Common Updated Drivers (Left) Front Door Harness 1K5-971-120-H/ 1K5971120H

h door harness 


Less Common Updated Drivers (Left) Front Door Harness 1K5-971-120-G/ 1K5971120G

G door harness



There are a few other replacement Door harness’ but the 2 listed above are the most common

This write up pertains directly to the replacement of the door harness on the MK5 Jetta and GTI. Also this write up is just a demonstration on how to replace the harness. In this DIY you will NOT see the updated part that you ordered receive when ordering a new one.

Disclaimer: Deutsche Auto Parts does not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and is not responsible for the contents of any message. Only you are responsible for modifications or repairs performed to your vehicle. Perform work on your vehicle at your own risk



To begin you will want to open the door and removed the handle and window switch housing. To do so lift from the front and rear of the assembly with firm constant pressure until it comes loose. There are small snaps on the underside that hold it securely in place and they hold well.




Once you have removed that assembly you will see the connectors for the mirror adjustment switch and the window switches. Before disconnecting the switches ensure that the window is all the way up. Disconnect the harness from the switches.




Next you will want to remove the 2 T30 bits that secure the trim panel to the door itself.




Located at the bottom of the door trim panel you will locate 3 T20 screws. You will also need to remove these to remove the trim panel from the door.





Now reach to the bottom of the door and pull directly outward. There are 6 push clips that snap into holes in the door. Once you have unsnapped that clips disconnect the harnesses to the door and the cable to the handle.





Now its time to take the end cap off the door next to the latch. Reach to the bottom of the trim and gently pull outward. The trim will come loose from the end of the door very easily.





Now you will need to remove the handle assembly. Looking through one of the holes of the door you will see a shinny metal piece that has a slot for a T20. At this point you will want to pull out on the door handle and loosen this metal piece. It rotates a cage behind the door panel that allows you to pull the lock cylinder out. Once loose remove the lock cylinder from the door.





Once the lock cylinder is out of the door you will see a small piece of plastic with a thin metal cable on it. That piece of plastic clips into the side of the exterior handle. The cable then goes into the door to a small lever on the door latch assembly. This is how the door is released from the exterior with the handle. Take a small screw driver and pop the small piece of plastic out of the handle.





Now gently pull the door handle towards the end of the door. This will unhook the handle from the handle carrier within the door and allow you to rotate the handle outward and remove it from the door.





Once the handle is removed from the door there is another T20 located underneath.Remove this T20 to disconnect the door handle carrier from the exterior door panel.





Now its time to remove the screws that hold the door skin to the door frame. The are located on the underside of the door, on the end of the door where you removed the trim. And down the door in the right side where the hinge is located. I recommend removing all of them with the exception of the last one on top on the end of the door. This one will hold panel in place while you remove the others.





Now remove that last bolt and carefully pull the door skin out and away from the door.This panel flimsy and easily bent so I recommend placing it gently somewhere to no acquire damage. Once removed you will see this.





Now its time to start disconnecting the old faulty harness. As stated in the beginning this harness will not actually be removed from the vehicle. But the process will be described clearly.

First you want to disconnect the harness from the door jam. Remove the rubber water and dust shield from the body. Once the cover is removed you will find and orange lever. This lever assist in proper alignment and locks the connector in place. Flip the orange lever downward and remove the harness from the body.





Now you will need to undo the grommet on the door side and slide the harness through the exterior of the door.





At this point I recommend replacing the new harness through into the door jam. It is easiest to remove one section of old harness and install the new harness at the same time as to get the same exact routing locations. There are several small green clips on both sides of the door. You will need to press down the small tabs on either side of the clips to get it release from the door.




Once you have routed the new harness go back over it and make sure you have all the clips secured in place as well as all connectors connected. Once that is complete it is time to re-install your door skin. Place the door skin place and install one of the end bolts. Do not secure any bolts all the way down until all of them are installed, this will assist with alignment. Once all bolts are in tighten them done. Now you need to re-install the T20 that holds the handle carrier in place.





Now you will need to install the handle its self. Slide the left side in first then rotate down into the right side.





Once you have put the handle back in you will need to re-attach the small cable you removed from the end of the door handle. Be sure to put it in the same location as in which you removed it.





Now re-install the door lock cylinder and rotate the cage back around inside the end of the door.





Next its time to re-install your interior door trim panel. Be sure to reattach the cable that attaches to the lever you use to open the door as well as the connector for the door motor. When re-installing the door panel put the top edge on first.Once the top edge is in make sure that all the clips are aligned with the holes in the door. Once all the clips are lined up with the holes press on the door panel to get them to snap into the door.




Now you can re-install the 2 T30 screws through the door panel and into the door.





Next re-install your switch assembly for the windows. Reattach the connectors for the window switches and the mirror adjustment switch. Set the entire assembly over top its location and press firmly into place.





You have now successfully replaced your malfunctioning door harness with a new updated part that wont need replaced again due to bad design.

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on Your Jetta or GTI MK5 Door Harness Replacement 1K5-971-120-H and 1K5-971-120-G.
  1. fritz rutschmann

    Excellent pictures for disassembling door wiring harness in 2006 jetta. Couldn’t locate updated version of wiring harness in our area so chose to repair the wires. Would you advise me of the name of a vendor that would sell me an updated harness? The part number is 1k5971120h.

    • Paul Barrett

      We have links to that harness in the article above. Please let us know if you have trouble finding it.

      • Chuck

        Hi, please advise which replacement harness I need for VIN 3VWST81K46M728020. Also, can you tell me which color/size wires connect to the air bag sensor? I pulled a harness from a 2007 Jetta for my 2006 (VIN listed), but I had to repin one wire – perhaps there are other problems too. My air bag light is on now. Thanks, Chuck

  2. Gus DiFiore

    THank you for these pictures. They helped in getting this done. But, once i completed all of this, everything worked except the front two windows. They were working before, so could the wiring harness be bad? Or any idea what else it might be?

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    I I know that I am having harness issues and I wanted to make sure I am getting the correct part

    My VIN

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  4. Bonny

    The problem I have is the driver’s door (right) don’t lock on central locking, the mirror can’t be controlled, the window can’t be controlled when the door is half open and the mirror signal don’t function. Is this to do with the door harness? If yes, where can I get the harness in North west or Gauteng province? The car is a 2006 jetta 5 2.0 fsi vin :AAVZZZ1KZ6U019359. Hope and trust to hear from you. Thanks.

  5. Russell

    Replaced my MkV wiring harness today. Car now recognizes that the door is closed(dome lights go out), but the window control,s the lock controls, mirror controls, gas tank and trunk release do not work. Any ideas here that could help me out…I checked fuses but they are good cause driver door and passenger front share fuses and passenger works great.

    • Paul Barrett

      It seems like a fuse or possibly something else is going on. You should consider getting some professional help if you’re not sure where to go from here.

  6. Tim

    Here is my VIN#:


    Thank you

  7. Tim

    I am in the process of replacing the door harness, but want to make sure the exact harness number.

    2006 Jetta 2.5, Vin#: 3VWDF71KX6M624660

    Thank you in advance

  8. Sadj

    Hi, what is the correct wire for this vin please?


    I pulled out & repaired the H version. Just want to make sure its the right one in there. Do you ship to Canada?

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  12. Travis E

    This is fantastic, I failed to complete quality research before trying to replace my own fault harness and only realized that different harnesses exist for the same model year after I completely pulled the door apart.

    Will you please help me determine the proper harness to purchase based on my VIN?

    VIN: 3VWPF71K16M685652

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  13. Chuck

    Hey, thanks for posting this. I’m looking for the correct one for a vin of # 3VWPG71K05M635546. I also need the part for the front passenger side door, do you have a link for that, or is it the same part? Thanks again.

  14. Ted

    Having the same drivers door problem. Vin. 3vwrl7aj2am179023

  15. sam parry

    Hi my VIN is: WVWZZZ1KZ7M024490 could you let me know the correct one for my car?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Paul Barrett

      We are sorry this is not a US vin or part number.

  16. Nathaniel Michaels

    Hello, I’m in need of 2 harnesses, for 2 2006 Jettas. Here are the VINs:




    • Paul Barrett

      Yes that is the correct drivers harness for your vin

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    Hi there l wanted to know if you could help me in determining the correct harness l need here is my Vin #3VWDF1K56M634974
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    My VIN # is 3VWST71K55M641316 Having same issue and need to replace, please advise.

  21. Chuck

    Hi Paul, I’ve had earlier problems with my drivers door harness on my 2006 Jetta, and did one repair, but now I have an airbag light on the dash. Would you know what color wires go to that sensor? Also, I pulled a harness plug from a junk 2007, and had to repin one wire, but maybe there is also another problem with cross-matching years (some wires were different colors too). My VIN is 3VWST81K46M728020, so which harness would I need? Thanks, Chuck

    • Chuck

      I do not see the correct harness reply to my 3/29/16 inquiry

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